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A D.O. is a licensed physician who prescribes medications and performs surgery. They have the same educational and training background as an M.D. with the exception that they also have 300+ hours of training in the manipulation of the body's muscular and skeletal system. Many also spend 2-6 years of additional education and training to become board certified as well as licensed in the state where they practice. One should always do as much research as possible on important issues, such as medical care, legal representation, buying a home, education, and so forth.

AnswerOsteopaths are great. Find a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (DO), not a chiropractor. DO's normally get their MD degree, then go an additional year of schooling for the DO specialty. AnswerProviding serious conditions have been ruled out by an MD a properly trained chiropractor can help.

I had Back pain for 20 years (from 17)and had tried everything. When I lived in US I saw a chiropractor who in 4 weeks reduced my pain level from 9/10 to 3/10. I had at times been up to 10/10 and considered suicide the pain was so bad. After another 2 months the pain had gone completely.

While working in a hospital (as an RN) an orthopaedic surgeon saw my x-rays and asked me who had operated on me as I was obviously pain free.

When I told him I had chiropractic he said " I suppose I will have to believe the evidence of my eyes".

I recommed a chiropractor too. A chiropractor has as many years as a MD or DO of college. They usually take x-rays in their office, and do not use drugs. If no improvement in 2 weeks, most refer to orthopedics for evaluation or order more tests such as MRI's. They also use natural supplements rather than perscription meds that have side effects.

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Q: Are osteopaths a good idea for someone with back pain or are they too risky?
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