Are paranormal sightings real?

I am sure to the people that experience a paranormal sighting they are real.


to people who say there not try telling tat to my friend bill who is a wherepier

Yes, trust me..if you live in a house that has footsteps when its only you and the T.V turns on by itslef and things believe this is very true come over to my house and find it out i dare you!

I would like to add something.

Twice in my life I have seen rocking chairs rocking on their own. Both those times I was by myself and could not prove it to anyone, so pretty much people made light of my experiences when I told them.

Once I was 13 yrs. old of course I got goose bumps and I backed out of the first event and forced myself to go to sleep. Everyone else in the house was asleep.

The second time I was older and in a different town. This time I was alone in my rent home, a two story old house, and a lone rocker in a room I went into started rocking. I pretended not to be afraid and spoke towards it.

I did not run out of either place which surprised me now that I speak of it.

I did not dream it and I know it happened.

Was something trying to communicate, I guess so. Now that I am older my mind is more open and I am more apt to try and investigate further in a non professional way.

I know there are programs on TV that try to show us things but many of them disappoint me. Its always "OK great job lets go to the next one".

I would investigate until I figured out what is going on. What is this thing that is happening.

To this day, those are the only two things that have occurred to me. Do I believe, yes I do. Do I understand? No I don't but I am going to find out more.

For me, paranormal sightings are real.