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Q: Are parents responsible for underage kids pregnancy?
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Why do you think parents shouldn't pay their kids for their teeth?

Because the kids should be responsible and not have to be paid

What can drinking do to kids underage?

it will kill tham for and do not do that

Are parents legally responsible for kids that move out at 17?

yes, they are untill the age of 18

How many underage kids have murdered?

over a 1000000

Do kids drink underage?

Yes all the time

Are parents responsible for their kids till 21?

It depends on the country in which you live. Some have statutes some do not.

Why do children need to help parents at home?

Yes it helps them become more responsible and know what is expected from their parents. Most kids don't help their parents.

How parents are responsible for their children cheating?

If kids parents cheated on their spouse when they were growing up, it sets the example for the kids showing that that is what someone does during a relationship. So monkey see, monkey do.

what are activities for kids and parents?

Some activities for kids that would possibly help parents become more responsible would be to take them out for family vacations to spend more time together.

What is the Jail for underage kids called?

Juvenile detention.

Are parents responsible for kids under the age of 18 in Canada?

Nope, after 15 and 7 months, parents are no longer responsible for their children, except under extreme legal obligations instilled by the Court.

Should kids at age 10 have a cell phone?

That depends if they need one, how responsible they are and the word of their parents.

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