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Some types of pigs are endangered, such as the red river hog, but many types are not
no pigs are not they are so cute

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Why guinea pigs endangered?

Guinea pigs are not endangered but they no longer exist in the wild.

Are pigs endangered animals?

Certain pigs like warthogs, Guinea pigs or just normal farm pigs are not endangered. But certain pigs like the red river hog, or the Visayen warty pigs are extremely endangered species.

How are guinea pigs endangered?

Guinea Pigs are not endangered and are bread in millions all over the world

Are pygmy pigs endangered?


Are white pigs endangered?


Why are pigs endangered?

Pigs are not really an endangered species. This is because of the fact that they are eaten and farmed all around the world.

What is the percentage of endangered guinea-pigs?

75% alot init

Are guniea pigs endangered?


Are pot belly pigs endangered?

Potbellied pigs are not on any endangered list anywhere in the world. They do, however, make affable and friendly pets.

Are feral pigs endangered?

No, Least Concern

How can you stop sloths from being endangered?

eat pigs

Why are barbirusa pigs endangered and how many are left?

Barbirusa pigs have become endangered in the Middle East and Asia due to over hunting. There are less than 1000 left in the wild.

Are guina pigs endangered?

No, guinea pigs are domesticated as pets. In some countries they are even raised for meat. There are still plenty of guinea pigs.

Are guinea pigs endangered?

No. They are an extremely popular pet and there are many.

Is the American Angry Bird an endangered species?

No, the pigs are though!

Are guinea pigs endangered species?

Nope, they are common household pets.

What types of pigs are endangered?

Some endangered swine breeds include The Mulefoot hog, Visayan warty pig, and the Babirusa pig.

Are guinea pigs considered an endangered species?

No. Guinea pigs are one of the most over-populated species of animal. Everyone should adopt a guinea pig to avoid them suffering. Please save the guinea pigs!

How are wild guinea pigs endangered?

They aren't endangered. Their IUCN rating is "Least Concern", which is as close as IUCN comes to saying "There are too many of the things; please kill some for us."

Why are olms endangered?

Olms may be endangered because they're blind or because no one has really bothered to study them so scientists don't know if they only live in Europe or not. Also In the past they have been fed to pigs and they will always have a limited habitat so they will always be rare/endangered.

What animals get sent to slaughterhouses?

all animals, some endangered animals who have laws not to send them are not sent but the main three are cows, pigs and chickens.

Why are Island-night Lizards endangered?

becuase of the introduction of goats and pigs to its island homes , have been the main threat to the island night lizard

What is the current situation of the takahe?

They are currently endangered due to the fact that stoats, weasels,rats, dogs and pigs have eaten their eggs and the cats eaten the hatchlings.. On Tikitiki Matangi island they have built a reserve to help the population of endangered birds not becoming extinct..

What is the reason why the island fox is an endangered species?

The island fox is endangered because of rapid declines in population. The population is due to the golden eagle preying on the island fox. Golden eagles ate the feral pigs until they were exterminated, then switched to the island fox.

When was Pigs Is Pigs created?

Pigs Is Pigs was created in 1905.