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No I've never seen one for a house. Commercial buildings Yes, but then is it the design print, the as built print or what was really built print. and .has it been changed with out a print since it was built

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Q: Are plumbing schematics usually included on blueprints for houses over forty years old?
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Can I find plumbing schematics on my house's blueprints?

You should be able to find fixtures, but not the piping to or from them. You can usually figure shortest path fixture to supply, but sometimes something else is in the way.

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Blueprints are usually drawn by an architect. In some cases interior designers will also draw blueprints. The other group of people who regularly draw blueprints is students and apprentices of architecture.

Where do you find receptacle requirements back side of peninsula in kitchen?

The requirements for receptacles and any other necessary additions will usually be found on the blueprints. If they are not, its best to consult with the contractor or builder to make sure they are included.

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Blueprints are usually designed by engineers to be used by project managers, construction workers and other engineers. They must be able to be interpreted by those without advanced degrees.

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