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Are policemen required to carry a weapon when they are off duty?


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It depends on the department regulations.

Some departments require off-duty officers to be armed, and some leave it up to the officer.


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Law enforcement officers are rarely required to carry firearms when off duty, but are generally encouraged to do so.

Not required, but allowed to- as they are considered Law Enforcement Officers/Peace Officers

yes in off duty his life is in danger.

No, they are not permitted to carry on or off duty. They are required to obtain a liscense if they want to carry off duty

Any law enforcement officer can carry a weapon off duty. Some departments even require officers to carry weapons off duty.

They carry a sig or a glock their choice

Sworn Illinois Police Officers are authorized by state statute to carry their weapon 24/7. In fact, many departments require that officers (while within their jurisdiction) carry their weapon and identification even while off-duty. Often, however, it becomes a matter of preferrence by the officer whether to carry off-duty or not.

Why would they? A policemen would need a heavier duty blade-a switch blade simply would not suffice.

The answer depends on department policy, but generally speaking any police officer is entitled to carry a weapon off duty.

No we are not covered by either law therefore we are not allowed to carry off duty except 1 hour before and after shift. However firearms are not allowed on state property- we never carry a weapon off duty.

Yes, but you must carry a weapon of the same "type" as what you qualify with at your dept. I qualify with a .38 revolver, thus I carry a 2" snub nose revolver off duty.

An active duty, full-time police officer in any state can carry a concealed weapon in any other state.

Only if they are licensed to carry one - and then - only in the jurisdiction(s) they are licensed in. However, if they possess a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit it would allow them to do so.

Not unless their assigned duty requires it, and then, generally speaking, that only applies to while on duty. In general, simply being in the military does not allow you to carry a concealed weapon. You must follow the laws of whichever state you are in, and most states require a permit for concealed weapons.

Yes. Police officers in Illinois are allowed to carry their weapons off duty anywhere within the State.

A police officer is a police officer 24/7/365, whether they on or off duty, or whether they're on vacation or not. every police officer has an on duty and off duty gun, they can only carry their off duty guns, and can only use it if he/she or someone else is in danger.

The choice of a backup weapon is universally the officer's choice. Some will choose to carry, others will not; but few (if any) departments address what that weapon will be. Actually, many departments mandate what can or can't be carried. Here in the city where I live, (city) officers can only carry a Smith and Wesson 642 or 442 in .38 special as on duty backup. Additionally, if officers wants to carry off duty, they can only carry their on duty guns. If they want to carry anything besides that, department policy requires them to obtain a state issued handgun carry permit (the same one non-police officers must obtain to carry a gun).

This perk allows you to carry 2 primary weapons with no pistol or secondary weapon.

There is no best weapon in Call of Duty, it's all about your personal preference, if you like a weapon use it. If you don't like it, don't use it:)

TDCJ Parole Officer's do carry a badge if they are authorized to carry a firearm which most are. If not authorized to carry, a simple identification card is provided. Neither the duty weapon or badge can be publically displayed and must be concealed at all times unless in a situation when the gun is drawn. OC spray must be carried at all times when carrying your weapon.

Being in the military confers no special privilege to carry a firearm (concealed or unconcealed). You may only be armed when on duty and under orders.

Any commissioned law enforcement officer may carry a certified handgun in any building: public, private, or government.

Yes. California Dept. of Corrections officers are peace officers, and are allowed to carry their firearms on and off duty anywhere in the United States under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.

Yes.A NYS peace officer can carry an off duty weapon. Police Officers can buy an off duty immediately after graduating from the academy. Peace Officers may or may not have some time period from graduation day until they can buy and carry their concealed off duty weapon.The weapon they carry off duty must be qualified with yearly at the same time they have to qualify on the shooting range with their department's weapon.Hope that helps!Where do you get your information? NYS Peace officer's are designated as full time or part time. It would be up to your department guidelines for off duty carry. Giving the above information places great liability on the individual and department. Your best bet would be having in hand department regulations with respect to off duty carry. Put yourself in a situation with questionable action and see how fast liability falls on your shoulders with legal fees and judgements.In the law with respect to Peace Officer's remember "in pursuit of their special duties" and " geographical area of employment." Peace officers are not Police.Think before you act!!

Yes, but being a Private Investigator does not automatically mean you can strap one on. If you are a licensedPrivate Investigator you must still obtain a permit to carry an exposed weapon from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and you may carry a weapon only when you are on duty. Most PI's in California do not carry a gun however,if you specialize in bodyguard work, you may need to carry one. In order to carry a concealed weapon, you must first obtain a gun permit issued by your local police or sheriff's department.

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