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It depends on the department regulations.

Some departments require off-duty officers to be armed, and some leave it up to the officer.

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Q: Are policemen required to carry a weapon when they are off duty?
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Are policemen required to carry a weapon in NJ when off duty?

Law enforcement officers are rarely required to carry firearms when off duty, but are generally encouraged to do so.

Do cook county Chicago correction officers required to carry weapon while off duty?

Not required, but allowed to- as they are considered Law Enforcement Officers/Peace Officers

Can off duty IDOC officers carry a weapon?

yes in off duty his life is in danger.

Do DCAS Police Carry?

No, they are not permitted to carry on or off duty. They are required to obtain a liscense if they want to carry off duty

What is broward county police duty weapon?

They carry a sig or a glock their choice

Can denver sheriffs carry fire arms off duty?

Any law enforcement officer can carry a weapon off duty. Some departments even require officers to carry weapons off duty.

Can cops carry a switchblade knife?

Why would they? A policemen would need a heavier duty blade-a switch blade simply would not suffice.

Do Illinois peace officers carry off duty?

Sworn Illinois Police Officers are authorized by state statute to carry their weapon 24/7. In fact, many departments require that officers (while within their jurisdiction) carry their weapon and identification even while off-duty. Often, however, it becomes a matter of preferrence by the officer whether to carry off-duty or not.

Can a off-duty Missouri police officer carry in Texas?

An active duty, full-time police officer in any state can carry a concealed weapon in any other state.

Can college campus police officers carry their gun off duty?

The answer depends on department policy, but generally speaking any police officer is entitled to carry a weapon off duty.

Is a Correctional Officer for the Virginia Department of Corrections allowed to carry a concealed weapon off duty with public law 108-277?

Yes, but you must carry a weapon of the same "type" as what you qualify with at your dept. I qualify with a .38 revolver, thus I carry a 2" snub nose revolver off duty.

Is a correctional officer for the Illinois department of corrections IDOC allowed to carry a concealed weapon off duty with public law 108-277 or leosa?

No we are not covered by either law therefore we are not allowed to carry off duty except 1 hour before and after shift. However firearms are not allowed on state property- we never carry a weapon off duty.

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