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Of course! The may be off duty but they can still arrest you.

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Can an off duty police officer arrest you?

It depends on where you live. Some off duty officers can arrest you, however in some places, the can only detain you where u stand until an officer is at hand to arrest you. -In fact anyone, including an off-duty police officer, can arrest you. It is called Citizen's Arrest.

Can Wisconsin off duty police arrest you?

If they are retired no. But , if they are not retired then they can if they wanted.

Can an off duty police officer arrest you in the UK?

Yes, as long as they carry their warrant card. A citizen can arrest you if they witness you commit a crime. Police can do it if they suspect you have or are about to, whether they are on duty or not.

Can an off duty cop arrest you in North Carolina?

Police are always able to arrest you. Actually, anyone can do so under a citizens arrest. The likelihood of you getting away with any issue is much lower if a policeman nabs you even while off duty. They now how to make charges stick better then a private citizen might. Police are allowed to carry their guns because they are considered on duty whenever awake.

Can a police give a off duty police a ticket?

Is it legal? If the off duty police officer has commited some sort of ticketable offense, yes.

When a state police officer is on vacation do they have to carry their weapon?

A police officer is a police officer 24/7/365, whether they on or off duty, or whether they're on vacation or not. every police officer has an on duty and off duty gun, they can only carry their off duty guns, and can only use it if he/she or someone else is in danger.

Can you be given a ticket by an off duty police officer and not know it?

Yes, an off duty police officer can write a ticket on or off duty. The ticket can be mailed to you, or you can be served with a subpoena to appear in court to answer to the charge on the ticket.

Can an off-duty officer issue a DUI?

Yes, an off-duty officer can arrest a DUI offender or any offender for that matter

Does a off duty police officer not in uniform have to inform you he is an officer?

If he is engaged in activity that requires being a police officer, such as making an arrest or serving a warrant, then, yes. Otherwise, the off-duty office is not obligated to tell anyone he is an officer. One exception could be for members of law enforcement agencies that are required to disclose their status during any adverse police contact (such as a traffic violation), but those are fairly rare. In most cases, off-duty officers can leave it all at work and not take on any police responsibilities until it's time for them to go back on duty.

Can a law enforcement officer make an arrest even if the officer is not on duty?

Yes, because Police officer are deemed to be on duty for 24 hours seven days a week.On the other hand the law does not compell one to act against an criminal activities, unless its express by statute or by law. Then a police officer will be held liable if he choose to not act against an crime (activities that are in contrasts the law) regardless of being on or off duty, he is allow to carry his appointment certificate whether on or off duty and can provide such a card whenever making any inquiries or arrest.

Can a off duty police officer issue you a ticket off duty in Michigan?

almost all locations allow off-duty officers to issue citations if nessescary.

Can a off duty police officer in Arkansas take your license for speeding?

Police officers are NEVER "off-duty" and if the violation was severe enough, and under Arkansas law they possess this power, yes, they can do so whether officially on or off duty.

Can an off duty officer issue a ticket in Alabama?

No, an off duty officer can not issue a ticket in the state of Alabama. An officer must be on duty before they arrest someone or issue a ticket.

Can a police officer from Illinois bring his weapon into Chicago when off duty?

Yes. Police officers in Illinois are allowed to carry their weapons off duty anywhere within the State.

Do DCAS Police Carry?

No, they are not permitted to carry on or off duty. They are required to obtain a liscense if they want to carry off duty

What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

Can an off duty police officer stop you with flashers?

no they have to call someone who is on duty to pull you over

Can an off duty police officer write you a ticket in new york state?

Yes, although the practice is generally discouraged. Police officers retain their police powers 24 hours a day, while on duty or off.

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

No he doesn't have to tell you. However, if the off-duty officer is interacting with you in his official capacity, he must identify himself at that point

Can college campus police officers carry their gun off duty?

The answer depends on department policy, but generally speaking any police officer is entitled to carry a weapon off duty.

Do volunteer police officers carry guns?

Volunteer police officers are usually called reserve or auxiliary police. Not all states or agencies have reserves, and some employ some or all of them in a non-sworn capacity where they do not have powers of arrest or carry firearms. More commonly, reserve or auxiliary police officers and sheriff's deputies have training similar to regularly-salaried officers, wear the same uniform and equipment, including firearms, and have the same powers of arrest while on duty. Most do not have these same police powers while off duty, although regular police officers do.

Can a campus police officer arrest you off campus?

This depends on the laws in effect in the state where the officer is employed. In most states, officers retain their police powers throughout the state, regardless of where they work. If that is the case, then, yes, a campus police officer can make an arrest while off campus.

How do you use the word arrest in a sentence?

The police have had to arrest him for indecency.He is being treated for a cardiac arrest.

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