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If he is engaged in activity that requires being a police officer, such as making an arrest or serving a warrant, then, yes. Otherwise, the off-duty office is not obligated to tell anyone he is an officer. One exception could be for members of law enforcement agencies that are required to disclose their status during any adverse police contact (such as a traffic violation), but those are fairly rare. In most cases, off-duty officers can leave it all at work and not take on any police responsibilities until it's time for them to go back on duty.

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Q: Does a off duty police officer not in uniform have to inform you he is an officer?
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What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

No he doesn't have to tell you. However, if the off-duty officer is interacting with you in his official capacity, he must identify himself at that point

When a state police officer is on vacation do they have to carry their weapon?

A police officer is a police officer 24/7/365, whether they on or off duty, or whether they're on vacation or not. every police officer has an on duty and off duty gun, they can only carry their off duty guns, and can only use it if he/she or someone else is in danger.

What are the duties of a police officer?

A police officer's duty is to make sure a certain area is safe.

Can a police officer take alchohol on duty?


How much does a policE officer duty belt weigh?

depends on the department and equiptment they carry, My duty belt itself is approximately 17 pounds. When I am in full uniform i usually weigh 23 pounds more than when I am not!

Can a police give a off duty police a ticket?

Is it legal? If the off duty police officer has commited some sort of ticketable offense, yes.

Can you be given a ticket by an off duty police officer and not know it?

Yes, an off duty police officer can write a ticket on or off duty. The ticket can be mailed to you, or you can be served with a subpoena to appear in court to answer to the charge on the ticket.

What is the role of a police officer and what it involves?

the role of a police officer is to protect the public from dangers. it involves risking your life to do your duty. hahahahahahahahahahaha

Can an off duty police officer call an on duty officer to give you a ticket?

Yes. In most cases an off-duty officer can also issue a ticket either at that time or at a later time.

Can a off-duty Missouri police officer carry in Texas?

An active duty, full-time police officer in any state can carry a concealed weapon in any other state.

Can an off duty police officer stop you with flashers?

no they have to call someone who is on duty to pull you over

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