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Are possible retinal detachment it's the weekend what steps should you take until you can see a doctor?


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November 22, 2007 2:27AM

Immediately contact a retinal specialist. Look in the phone book for your area, or call your optometrist or opthamologist or regular doctor. Retinal specialists have "after hours" answering services who will contact them with your name, number and symptoms. The "on call" opthamologist will call you back and set up a time, either within a few hours or the next day, for you to come in for a thorough retina exam.

Because the retina peels like wallpaper, it's very diffidcult to reattach it. There is no glue...but, there are at least 3 other possible routes to get it reattached and anchored. if it peels up to and over the macula, or center of the eye, possible loss of central vision will occur once the retina is reattached.

So! Time is precious if you want the least amount of vision loss and the least invasive reattachment procedure.

Read all you can about retina detachment on the internet.

Good luck!