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Are professions linked to certain astrological signs?

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The planetary rulers of a given sign have professions linked to them that are often imparted upon/modified by their signs.

Sun (Leo) rules positions of authority, acting, stage work, most performing arts, investment bankers and stock exchange workers, gold smiths, casino workers and coaches involved in the early development of children.

Moon (Cancer) rules professions related to the home, cooking, hospitality, nurturing, women and children; day care, pediatrician or gynecologist, real estate, and restaurant workers etc.

Mercury has a dual affinity with positions related to communication and short distance travel (Gemini): acting, radio broadcasters, sales people and public transportation workers; (Virgo) all service oriented work, work that requires attention to detail, jobs related to health and hygiene.

Venus (Taurus and Libra) rules most professions related to the beauty industry, fashion, confections and law. It also rules singers and artists.

Mars (Aries and Scorpio) rules athletes, military, police, firefighters, those who work with wild animals, and surgeons.

Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) those who work with horses and large animals, professors, lawyers, and all professions related to religion, philosophy, wealth, law and travel.

Saturn (Capricorn) those in positions of authority due to seniority, all professions that provide security, are well-established and those that are menial or restrictive.

Uranus (Aquarius) those professions that require ingenuity and intuition; science, inventing, electronics, Astrology etc.

Neptune (Pisces) those professions that work primarily through images: acting, dancing, visual arts; intuition: psychic, astrologer etc; water: sailing; and institutions such as hospitals and sanitariums.

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Q: Are professions linked to certain astrological signs?
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