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No, plums are. Hence, it is called " plum" sauce.

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Q: Are pumpkins in plum sauce
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Is hoisin sauce and plum sauce the same?

Hoi sin sauce is made out of soy beans and plum sauce is made out of Chinese plums, chilli and ginger.

Plum sauce is also known by what avian name?

Duck sauce

When did they first make plum sauce?

Plum sauce is a staple in a lot of Chinese dishes. The sauce was first used in dishes starting in ancient times. The exact year is unknown.

What can you replace plum jam with in a sauce for pork roast?

canned cranberry sauce - the jellied kind

What sauce is used with moo shu?

Hoisin sauce. Some may tell you plum sauce, but that stuff is way too sweet for mu shu.

Can you use duck sauce as a base for stir fry sauce?

Hoisin plum sauce is a good base for a stir fry when some Soy is also added to balance the sweetness.

What vegetables are best to serve with chicken in plum sauce?

asian greens and maybe carrots

How many tomatoes in a 80z can of sauce?

around 6 normal ones, or 9 plum tomatoes, or 13 cherry tomatoes

What do pumpkins hot sauce and tequila have in common?

Two things they have in common are they are often used in Dia de los Muertos celebrations, and they originate from the Aztec language.

Are pumpkins mammals?

No. Pumpkins would be producers, not consumers. aka pumpkins are plants

Do pumpkins have caffeine in them?

No, pumpkins do not have caffeine in them.

You stored homemade plum sauce in glass bottle with a steel lid On opening the jar after 2 years you noted the lid had rusted through the top inch was removed is the sauce safe to consume it tastes ok?

No. Since the hermetic seal was damaged, do not risk eating it.