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When it comes to riding mowers, it is best to read the manual that is provided. but i would think that it would not be safe to use a riding mower when mowing a hill do to the chance of it tipping over. to be on the safer side of things a regular lawn mower will e the better choice

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A typical riding mower with a 38" deck probably comes with a 12.5HP motor. If your mowing requires cutting higher grass or big hills you may want to have one with a larger engine more like a 16.5HP.

You can. but only with difficulty. As a cruiser has a rather poor riding position and is usually quite heavy as well you're probably better off looking for a bike with better riding characteristics in the first place.

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Often the hills are too steep and rugged for machinery like tractors and implements to be driven on without risk of flipping over. Hills grow grass, which feeds the sheep.

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