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Salt water pools produce "chlorine," so it is cheaper. It is also more troublesome. Yugos were also cheaper ... you get what you pay for.

If your chlorine generator is working properly and your salt levels are correct it will work just fine.

Though I have never been in a saltwater pool, my children have swam in several. They swear by it and insisted that ours be saltwater. I trusted their there request and went ahead to pay the extra money for something I know nothing about.

"Are saltwater pools cheaper or Better"? Really its not a Salt water Pool, bottom line is your gonna have saltwater in your pool with any type of sanitizer.Boxed chlorines are produced with sodium.

I like the easy part of the salt generator, less work and worry. Nothing beats a clean clear pool, I have been using generators for over 20 years, today's versions are light years ahead of my first unit in terms of cost and performance, you really get alot with today's modern generators at one huge value.

A chlorine generator is easy, efficient and cost effective. Of course there are cheaper ways to sanitize your pool. Most owners find they like the increased softness from a little salt in the water and it's easier to maintain a clean pool. When your not home it's especially easy and if you happen to go on vacation for a week or two.Your pool professional can recommend and professionally install the right unit for your pool.That also reminds me I know someone who doesn't have a heater for their in-ground pool no doubt they still swim.

Initially the salt system will be considerably more expensive. You have the cost of the salt cell,control panel and the salt for the pool. Over the long run though, the system will pay for itself. Salt is not used up so the only adding needed is what is lost during backwashing the filter, splashing and what people remove with them when getting out of the pool. IMO the salt system is a lot easier to maintain. once you have everything set properly, it will run and produce chlorine on its own. No more storing or handling harsh chemicals. Best part, you can leave for a month and come home to a clean pool instead of a slime pit. For more information visit

We put in a saltwater pool and the only problem we had was we chose a limestone rock coping. The salt ate away alot of the rock and we've only had the pool four years. So last summer, I switched to chlorine and am letting the salt level gradually lower with backwashing, swimming, etc. Just be sure you use an appropriate coping material with the saltwater pool.

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Q: Are saltwater pools cheaper or better?
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