Are satellite TV stations going to be broadcast in digital?

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Satellite broadcasters such as direct tv and dish network have all ways transmitted digital from day one.
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How does a digital video recorder work with cable or satellite TV?

DVRs are compatible with most any cable, satellite or antenna setup. Your exact setup instructions will vary according to the type of DVR you purchase. You'll need to review your owner's manual for more information, but here are some tips: . Depending on your current home entertainment arrangement, ( Full Answer )

Which tv station in USA will broadcast eurobasket2007?

Answer . I've been searching the web feverishly after the USA's dominate crushing of the lesser FIBA Americans teams and I can't find an American television network, free or pay that will broadcast the EuroBasketball 07 Championship. It is a shame, because the quality of EuroBasketball is defin ( Full Answer )

Does digital broadcast tv have same reception range as analog?

Analog tv now uses mostly vhf-uhf frequencies for the standard network TV. UHF was added in the 60s for local urban TV signals with the addition of another tuner years ago. Any ham radio operator who has played with VHF 2 meters, or uhf , 450 mhz up, knows that UHF has significantly reduced range an ( Full Answer )

When does TV go all digital?

February 17, 2009. However, most TV stations will have the options of leaving their analog transmitters for a while longer, if they so choose. How long? Not known, yet, but most will probably shut them off for simple reasons of economics.

How can you tune digital TV DTV stations?

Tuning for digital transmissions is complicated because the picture comes in perfect, not at all, or perfect with sporadic corruptions, which you don't see right away when tuning. For more about selecting an antenna and tuning it, read on... . After finding the direction and distance of all the tr ( Full Answer )

Why is TV going digital?

The reason for digital transmission was cited as a method to free up broadcast spectrum and better use existing allocations of rthe spectrum. Using the same frequency range using digital transmission more content could be delivered using the same ranges and for certain spectrum alloactions they exis ( Full Answer )

Are broadcast digital TV signals affected by weather conditions?

Hello - from all my research it is clear that even digital signals can be degraded by weather conditions. Contrary to statements that claim 'you either get a digital signal or not', you can receive digital signals that have been weakened by weather conditions. I live in Ohio, and am fortunate to be ( Full Answer )

What do satellite television companies use to broadcast microwave signals?

It's a microwave transmitter...literally. They usually run from about 100 watts and the one's we used would do as much as 2,000 watts, if needed. I've no doubt that there are more powerful units out there but these seemed to work OK here in the Midwest for the most part.

Can a satellite dish be used as a broadcast TV antennae?

Sort of, but not really. A satellite dish is designed to look only in one direction and amplify the signals it receives to make weaker signals acceptable. Using it as a broadcast antenna would be very inefficient and difficult just because it can only look in one direction at a time. It would also p ( Full Answer )

Is satellite tv and satellite internet going to combine?

Satellite TV and High Speed Internet are bundles offered by the 2 major satellite tv providers in the US. The High Speed Internet via satellite package that they are offering is powered by WildBlue. Unfortunately, there is still no news if they are going to combine the service into 1 satellite dis ( Full Answer )

Can a sharp lcd tv receive digital broadcasts?

You can find anything you want on the internet. If you had provided the Model Number of your television, we could have helped you by googling your TV's model number, etc. Therefore, we have to be more general. Generally, the answer depends on one thing -- does the TV have a DTV [digital televisio ( Full Answer )

Will a cable compatible tv receive digital broadcasts?

Only if the TV has a digital (ATSC) tuner. If it has an analog (NTSC) tuner only, it will not work with over-the-air digital broadcasts. In that case you'll need some sort of converter.

Why do most TV stations broadcast in narrow screen?

There are currently two aspect ratios used in television broadcasting. 4 : 3 is the early standard and has been around for decades. 16 : 9 is the widescreen format and is far more recent. The UK and Germany have adopted 16 : 9 as a standard over the past decade and virtually all program content is p ( Full Answer )

What tv station broadcasts the Baltimore Ravens football?

It depends on whether it's a Regional or Nationally televised game as to which network broadcasts the game. Normally, it's WJZ-TV (CBS Affiliate), though occasionally it's Baltimore's FOX network affiliate, WBFF. For Nationally televised games, it's normally ESPN (SNF and TNF games).

When is ABC TV going digital?

ABC-TV or ABC-DT has been HD for years, might be your local station or cable company isn't.

Are TV stations still adjusting their digital equipment?

Television broadcasting is a constantly evolving process. The question suggests that changes in a channel's output are being noticed and it's entirely possible. The changeover from analog to digital production and the change from analog to digital transmission have both involved significant changes ( Full Answer )

Did all tv station go to digital or is there still some that are analog?

In North America, almost all commercial television stations have ceased to broadcast analog signals. However, there are a very few small commercial stations and some non-commercial community channels that are still licensed to transmit analog signals. They are generally stations of very limited outp ( Full Answer )

Why do local broadcast television stations have so many large satellite dishes?

Broadcast television stations are heavily reliant on communication with other television production organizations and content delivery companies. Although land based communications are becoming ever faster, the television industry has been built on satellite communication systems due to the very mo ( Full Answer )

Can you interfere with the TV station's broadcasts if the TV station relies on the electricity supply?

Let us ignore the small detail of laws preventing people tampering with public mains supplies, even if many are linked to anti-terrorism legislation. Tampering with electricity can be harmful to your health and to your freedom. Interrupting the mains supply to almost all broadcasters will result i ( Full Answer )

What makes satellite television different from broadcast television?

Satellite television requires the installation of a satellite dish which receives the television signal from satellites orbiting the earth. Regular television uses antenna to pick up signal from broadcasting towers. Satellite television typically offers more channels and program options than regular ( Full Answer )

Which satellite tv station covers gujarati news?

Bizz News is a 24 Hour Satellite Television Station that covers Gujarati News. Bizz News only covers the Gujarati area. You can go to the Bizz News website and find out the programming schedule and when it is aired in your area.

Who are the broadcast affiliate TV stations in Phoenix AZ?

There are several broadcast affiliation TV stations in Phoenix, AZ. Some of these include: Cox9, CW, KAET, KNXV, KSAZ, KTVK, and KUTUP. There are a few other broadcast affiliate TV stations in Phoenix as well.

Where does the City 7 TV station broadcast?

The City 7 TV Station is broadcasted in the country of Ireland. The company was based in Dublin, headed by David Harvey, and owned by City Channel Limited.

Where does the station Me-TV broadcast from?

Me-TV is an American broadcast television network. It started in 2003 on channel 23 in Chicago. In 2008 it expanded to Milwaukee and since 2010 it is nationwide.