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Are selfish people generally happy with themselves?


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It depends on the person's reason for being this way. They could have been brought up in an environment where they knew no other way than to think of themselves only, or, they had too many things taken away from them when younger and fought for what they did have and gave little in return. That's usually the "bud of the flower" meaning the learned habits or the thinking pattern will make the man or woman what they are today. Example: Joan Crawford the actress (and many like her) made no bones about coming from an extremely poor family and she worked hard at her craft and fought her way up the ladder and hung onto what she had for dear life. One can hardly blame her. However, people that are selfish gain little to soothe the soul and my own opinion is, when my husband and I do fairly well (we aren't rich) then we help others less fortunate. Give and take!