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Are selfish people generally happy with themselves?

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It depends on the person's reason for being this way. They could have been brought up in an environment where they knew no other way than to think of themselves only, or, they had too many things taken away from them when younger and fought for what they did have and gave little in return. That's usually the "bud of the flower" meaning the learned habits or the thinking pattern will make the man or woman what they are today. Example: Joan Crawford the actress (and many like her) made no bones about coming from an extremely poor family and she worked hard at her craft and fought her way up the ladder and hung onto what she had for dear life. One can hardly blame her. However, people that are selfish gain little to soothe the soul and my own opinion is, when my husband and I do fairly well (we aren't rich) then we help others less fortunate. Give and take!

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What do Buddhists believe people need to do to be happy and find peace?

Buddhists believe that people are generally happy and at peace by nature. It is when people let desire for "more" enter their lives that they become unhappy. To be happy a person only has to open themselves to their natural self.

What is that characteristic of a person who takes advantage of other people to do something for her?

Answerselfish?... Greedy?... Cruel? Good luck, Happy to help!Parasitic, for a fancier awnser than "selfish".

What do retired people do for fun?

They try and explore new hobbies, the world and relax themselves. Generally, they're doing what they can to be happy before they reach the ends of their lives

Did Thomas Hobbes think people could govern themselves?

Thomas did not think people could govern themselves because they were selfish and would only do things to benefit themselves. yes i guess that's true he said that BUT he believed that humans should give all their power to one person and that one makes laws so that there is no need for war. he believed that people governing themselves was only war. -happy go lucky

If you are selfish does this mean you necessarily have disregard for others?

I am selfish but this does not what you say? I always help the other if they need me No being selfish does not mean that you don't care about the well being of others as a matter of fact it would be in your own interest to have the people around you happy as then they will make life happier and better for you. There are selfish people that care about and there are those that don't.

Why human beings are selfish?

because people are very happy with the way they are and they just don't care about your feeling or anyone elses so you can call them selfish but you're just making them that way!

Did King John try to get more money off the people in England?

yes he did! he was selfish enough to raise the taxes in England and the people were not happy.

Why do some people cut themselves?

becausethat macks them happy

What are the people called who beat themselves to make god happy?


Is Amy Rose generally happy?

Yes. She is polite and generally happy.

Was there happiness in the 1840?

Sure. Happiness is an individual feeling and people are generally happy.

During the black plague who were the flagellants?

People who beat themselves to make God happy.

How do Jewish people feel during and after the ceremony of a newborn baby?

They generally feel happy.

Why are some people not happy if they are not in a intimate relationship?

My theory is that people like that aren't happy with themselves in general. They haven't learned to love themselves and enjoy just being with themselves. And when they finally do find someone to be with, they really aren't "happy" with the relationship, either. People like that find it easy to be suspicious, jealous and insecure within the relationship, always fearing that their partner will leave them and they'll be lonely again. But there's a difference between being alone and lonely and that difference is in loving themselves.

Who is the Author of Selfish Giant?

Oscar Wilde.The Selfish Giant is a Short Story contained within the short story collection: 'The Happy Prince and Other Tales'.

What are the character traits of Evan from lemonade war?

thrilled, not so happy, mean, selfish

Why do you feel single?

Because society shows people together in everything from marketing products to television. Most people are not happy with themselves so they seek approval from others and having a relationship or someone to call their own makes them feel better. If they would make themselves happy first it is not as challenging to make others happy.

What is a person called who thinks people around them are the worst?

The word for a person who thinks people they are around are the worst is 'cynical.' They generally have low self esteem and can be jealous because they know they have let themselves down. They are not happy within themselves and by picking out the worst in others it gives them a lift for just a little while, but does not fulfill the need of self fulfillment.

What is the lifestyle of the people in the Bahamas?

Bahamian people live a low-stress life. This is due to the beach environment they live in. They are generally happy and lazy people.

What part of speech is the word had in the sentence The new study found that friends of happy people had a greater chance of being happy themselves?

Had is a verb. It's the past tense of have.

What are some other terms for lesbian?

Some lesbians are happy to call themselves dikes or dykes, but they may not be happy for other people to use the term. Lesbian is the safest.

Is falling in love selfish?

LOVE is Never selfish. Love is sacrifice for the other as well. Love wants the other to be happy even though if it means your unhappiness. Love is endless and enduring.

How does Scrooge change throughout the book?

He goes frm greedy, miserable and selfish to thoughtful, sharing and happy.

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How do Islam people become happy?

They do there best and if they fail they blow themselves up and try to take as many Jews or Americans as they can with them.