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No, they're not.

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Q: Are shaun micheals and tripple h cousins?
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What are Triple H and shaun micheals called?

Degeneration X

Where is tripple h?

On Vacations :)

Is Stephenie McMahon marry to tripple h?

Yes, Stephanie McMahon is really marrie to tripple h and the have to child's.

Who was batista mentor?

Tripple H

Is randy ortan friends with tripple h?

no their total enemies

What did wrestler tripple h injure?

His back and neck.

Who is the WWE champion now at 2008?

the wwe champion now is the game who used to be callled tripple h but before tripple h it was randy orton then before hi it was jhon cena

How old is Michaels and Tripple h?

100 u der brain

Will tripple h return at the 2011 royal rumble?

No unfortunately he didn't :(

Who is better shawn micheals or Triple H?

They are both better in different ways.

When will Triple H be WWE championship?

tripple H just might become th wwe champion only if swagger beats him up and injur tripple h might just retier from wwe raw like his dx parnter just did

Is Shawn micheals and Triple H related?

no they are not related but they are close friends