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You are using the wrong antifreeze!

A "broken" heater core leaks. As the engine gets hot and coolant pressure rises, it will leak worse and worse, which may be when you notice it. Radiator stop leak may work for a while then the heater radiator ("core") may start leaking again. Or the stop leak may fix it. You may smell antifreeze odor inside the car. Don't breathe this stuff - it is deadly poisonous (destroys the liver)ESPECIALLY if vapors are inhaled. If you just HAVE to drive the vehicle to the repair shop, roll all the windows down and leave the heater/AC system "OFF" and the temperature control set to "COLD."

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What are symptoms of a broken rib?

When a person has a broken rib, pain will occur when the body is moved. Another symptom is pain when taking a breath.

Can the symptoms of HIV occur in a day?

Symptoms of HIV can not occur in 1 day.

If symptoms occur what will you do?

If you get pregnancy symptoms, take a pregnancy test

When do balanced forces occur?

Balanced forces occur when a body is at rest, and when a body is moving at a constant speed in a constant direction.

When do symptoms first occur in a person with Meckel's diverticulum?

Symptoms usually occur in children under 10 years of age.

What symptoms might occur with finger pain?

There are many symptoms that might occur with finger pain. Some of these symptoms include throbbing, soreness, tingling, stiffness or increased warmth.

Where do the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis occur?

The symptoms of BV occur at the vagina and vulva. Occasionally women complain of pelvic cramping or pain with sex.

What if you think your wrist is broken?

While a doctor is needed to determine if you have broken your wrist, you can learn how to tell if you broke your wrist by certain symptoms you may experience. However even with a symptom check list, if you suspect you broke your wrist seek medical treatment immediately. Obvious signs of a broken wrist are deformities or odd appearances to the area. Also, if a bone is protruding through the skin, chances are you have broken your wrist. Other symptoms to help you tell if you broke your wrist include severe pain, swelling, and tenderness. Bruising and stiffness are also likely to occur. Often, numbness and cold sensations can be experienced with a broken wrist however some of these symptoms can also occur with a sprained wrist so if you suspect a problem get it checked out.

Does evolution occur in a constant or irregular pace?

Mostly constant but some times irregular .

Use constant in a sentence?

Constant means to occur continuously over a period of time.

How long can it take for herpes symptoms to appear?

Symptoms usually will occur within a week.

Can you be contagious with chickenpox if you don't have symptoms?

Yes, you can be contagious with chickenpox before symptoms occur.

How long does it take for appendicitis symptoms to occur?

It takes hours and not days to develop the symptoms of appendicitis.

What are the range of symptoms that can occur with poisoning?

Severity of symptoms can range from headache and nausea to convulsions and death.

Are leukemia symptoms similar to the symptoms of other illnesses?

Initially, leukemia symptoms may be similar to that of the flu, but as the illness progresses, the symptoms will get more severe, and additional symptoms may occur.

How soon can pregnancy symptoms occur?

Very soon

Is a set the sings and symptoms that occur together?


Do you need to see a doctor for broken blood vessel?

Most broken blood vessels are minor in nature and do not present any significant health risks. However, broken blood vessels may occur anywhere within the body, and may have serious consequences without warning. For example, broken blood vessels can occur in the brain and may cause symptoms such as double vision, speech disruption, weakness, numbness, tingling, and headaches. If you are in doubt, particularly after trauma, see your doctor.

What has to happen for constant acceleration to occur?

well, something has to be pushed by a constantly growing force. Constant acceleration would occur for example if you drop something in a vacuum. Dropping something in normal circumstances is a nearly constant acceleration too.

What is the medical term meaning Signs and symptoms that occur together?

syndromeA syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms.

What energy transformations occur in a heater?

electrical ----> heat OR chemical ----> heat

A person can carry HIV for eight to ten years without signs of illness?

Yes. People can carry HIV virus cells for long periods of time without having the symptoms. Symptoms will begin to occur when the number of white blood cells in a person's body decrease so much that constant illnesses occur due to the body's inability to fight off harmful pathogens and bacteria.

What injuries could occur from CPR?

Bruising on the chest, broken xiphoid process, broken ribs

What are the symptoms of a perineural cysts?

Symptoms may include back pain and sciatica , a syndrome of symptoms that occur due to compression or inflammation of the sciatic nerve

What are the symptoms for chlamydia?

Some people can have chlamydia with no symptoms, but symptoms that can occur are burning, tenderness/pain, and discharge. If a woman is untreated, it can eventually lead to infertility.