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Are the 1996 Saturn S-series alternators the same for sedan and coupe?

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The alternator for these cars is the same as long as they both have either DOHC or SOHC engines. The SOHC engine uses a lower output alternator than the DOHC, so make sure you specify DOHC or SOHC when looking for an alternator at a parts store or wrecking yard.

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No, coupe and sedan are different.

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You are able to transform a Sedan into a Coupe but can you turn a Coupe into a Sedan?

Anything is possible if you have enough money, expertise, and time but why would you want to do that? Want a sedann then buy one. Want a coupe then buy one. They are out ther. Want a 1967 Impala Sedan then click the link as I have found some as of 6/2014

Will a Honda Civic 1994 body parts fit on a 1995 Honda Civic?

depending on what it is exactly, it's hard to say, but most of them should fit from turbointivic: depends on the body style. 92-95 honda civics comes in a range of body styles. there is the coupe, sedan, and 3 door hatchback. tail lights of the sedan and coupe are the same, the hatchback tail lights are different the headlights are all the same for the 3 styles but the corner/marker lights are the same for the for the coupe and hatchback but is different for the sedan. this also means that the fenders are interchangeable for the coupe and hatch but is not for the sedan. the front bumper is interchangeable between the coupe and the hatch but not the same for the sedan the rear bumper is interchangeable between the sedan and coupe but not the hatchback. doors are obvious, they are only interchangeable between the hatch and coupe, sedan is different(4 doors) the hood is the same for the coupe and hatch but different for the sedan this should cover all the body parts for the 92-95 civics

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