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Some of the front wheel drive 3.8 liters had a balance shaft in them. Other than that, I think they are the same. One way to find out, if there is a particular part that you are trying to swap, is call the dealer parts dept and give them the year and model of both engines, and see if the part number is the same for the part(s) you want to swap.

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Q: Are the engine internals of the front wheel drive ford 3.8 V6 the same as the rear wheel drive 3.8 V6?
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Chrysler 3.8L where is the starter?

On a front wheel drive it is under the engine mount on the front of the engine. On a rear wheel drive it is on the driver side rear of the engine.

Is a kia 2006 sport again front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

The Sportage is a front engine, front wheel drive car, with a four wheel drive option (but that still uses the front wheel drive transaxle, and runs the transfer case off of that).

Can a front wheel drive engine be converted into a rear wheel engine?

This is highly doubtful the entier vehilce is design to turn the front wheels. Teh unibody or frame the transaxles the drive shafts engine compartment are built / engineered to be front wheel drive.

In sports cars what type of engine arrangement is used?

Either a transverse engine for front wheel drive cars (and the occasional rear engine, rear wheel drive car), or a longitudinal engine for front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive cars.

Are Chrysler 300c's all wheel drive?

no it is FR (front engine rear wheel drive) not all wheel drive

Why is front wheel drive better in snow than rear wheel drive?

A front wheel drive car has the weight of the engine of the car to help with traction as for the rear wheel does not have the engine weighing it down so there is less traction.

Is Toyota innova 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?

It is a front engine rear wheel drive vehicle. It is not available as a 4 wheel drive.

Which is a better car - the one with the engine in front or rear?

A car with the engine in the rear should have rear/all wheel drive. A car with the engine in the front should have front/all wheel drive.

Where is the speedometer cable on the engine?

it is on the transmission of a rear wheel drive car and on the front wheel assembly of a front weel drive car. It may also be mounted on the transmission on front-wheel drive cars.

Differences between a transmission designed for transverse front wheel drive vehicle compared to a rear wheel drive front engine vehicle?

More weight over the drive wheels = better traction with front wheel drive.

Is a 1998 Ford Explorer front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

Rear wheel drive , or 4x4 with the 4.0 L - V6 engine Rear wheel drive , or all wheel drive with the 5.0 L - V8 engine

Was the 3000gt front wheel drive?

the 3000GT came in three models. The base model, V6 SOHC engine - front wheel drive. The SL, V6 DOHC engine - front wheel drive. And lastly, the VR4 twin turbo DOHC V6 AWD.

Is there a difference in a Rear wheel drive and front wheel drive engine block?

No, Only The transmission is different.

All transverse engine layouts are associated with front wheel drive?

No, There are, rear engine, mid engine and all wheel drive applications as well

What is vehicle layout?

The only vehicle layout I know of is used to describe the location of the engine in the vehicle and where it's drive wheels are: Front engine Front Wheel Drive Front engine Rear Wheel Drive Front engine All Wheel Drive mid engine Rear Wheel Drive mid engine AWD Rear engine RWD rear engine AWD never hear pf a Mid engine FWD or rear engine FWD

What is Front engine rear wheel drive?

Any car that has an engine up front and is rear wheel drive. Examples being Corvettes,350z,s2000,nascars,charger,miata.

Is it possible to convert an engine from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive?

Yes you have to poke it really hard

What makes a custom rim rear wheel or front wheel drive.?

Rear or front wheel drive id not determined by the wheels themselves. It depends on which wheels are connected to the driveshaft. If the driveshaft, from the engine, transfers power to the rear wheels to accelerate the car then it is rear wheel drive. Likewise to the front, though it is then front wheel drive.

Is the 1997 Buick Riviera front wheel drive?

The 1997 Buick Riviera is a front-engine vehicle and models produced between 1979 and 1999 are front-wheel drive. Models from 1963 to 1978 were rear-wheel drive.

What are two differences between a transmission designed for transverse front wheel drive vehicle compared to a rear wheel drive front engine?

#1, a front wheel drive transverse transmission also contains the differential assembly.

Where is the engine on the VW beetle?

Original is in the back, new ones it's in the front. Old are rear wheel drive, new are front wheel drive.

List of 5 cars that are front engine rear wheel drive and front engine wheel drive?

Honda s2000 chevrolet corvette morgar +4

Is Toyota 2015 Prius front wheel drive?

Yes. All model years of the Prius are front engine, front wheel drive layout.

Is a 1987 Honda Accord LXI four door automatic rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

A 1987 Honda Accord LXI 4 door automatic Is Front wheel Driver the Engine should be in sideways if so it is front wheel drive

Will a 2.4L engine from a front wheel drive Buick skylark go into a 2002 Chevy S10 rear wheel drive?

no, because you cant put a front wheel drive into a rear drive because of the wont mount in