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I'm not sure about the possum but the mongoose actually eats spitting cobras and other types of snake. The reason why the cobras venom doesn't affect the mongoose is because it has long and thick fur so that the venom stays on top of the skin and doesn't seep into the blood stream.

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What is the spitting cobras prey?

I don't know but you shouldlook it up

Are spitting cobras carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Spitting cobras are a type of snake. Like all snakes, they are carnivorous. A spitting cobra's prey includes small animals such as rodents.

What predators eat king cobras?

Mongoose and birds of prey both eat king cobras.

What Makes A Mongoose and A Cobras Enemies?

a mongoose eats a king cobra so the cobra is the mongoose's prey.

Is a cobra a prey or predator?

Cobras are predators in some cases and prey in others. It is eaten by some animals such as the mongoose.

What snake spits poison?

Spitting Cobras are well known for their ability to spit venom at their predators and prey.

What is stronger than a king cobra snake?

The mongoose and birds of prey are the king cobras primary predator.

What are a king cobras enemy?

The Mongoose and the Honey Badger, and some raptors (by that I mean birds of prey). And as always, man.

Why do mongooses kill king cobras?

They usually ignore cobras, they do not like to eat their meat. Mongooses attack snakes for self-defense. The mongoose does look at the cobra as prey, and will feed on them when they find them.

Why do cobras spit?

Some of them are known to because it serves as a warning to the prey/predator, some spitting snakes even have venom in their spit to blind others.

How do cobras hunt?

Cobras hunt by stalking their prey. Then these cobras will strike their prey and let them die before consuming them.

Is a spitting cobra prey or a predator?

Generally a Cobra is a predator. However, they are preyed on by rare specialist predators like Mongoose and Alpha predators like Honey Badgers.

What is a Cobra's Prey?

the cobras prey is a mice and a rat

Who is the king cobras biggest nemesis?

The king cobra's only notable predator is the mongoose, which can hunt king cobras due to its immunity to the cobras neurotoxin. However, the king cobra's defense tactic of extending its hood, standing, and hissing a low hiss is usually successful in intimidating an attacking mongoose into leaving it alone, coupled with the fact that most of the mongoose's other prey is much easier to kill than a cobra.

How do king cobras use energy?

Cobras you energy by hunting there prey

Do spitting king cobras spit venom?

yes it is a king cobra and they are venemous and they are named spitting king cobra so i would imagine they spit venom they spit the venom to blind the enemy or prey whatever it is for a sec to be offensive or just slither away

Does a cobra crush its prey?

No. Cobras kill their prey with venom.

What do king cobras do to there prey?

bite there prey and release venom in it

How far can cobras spit poison?

The spitting cobra can accurately hit a target over 10 feet (3 metres) away ! They only spit venom as a defence - normally they bite their prey.

What is a mongoose prey?

A mongoose has many prey's such as road runners, bunnies, and more. There is a particular animal or should I say reptile that is a mongoose prey that is a strong snake... a king cobra.

How does a snake approach a predator?

Each type of snakes has a unique type to approach a predator. For example anacondas wait for their prey to come closer to then they will catch them. Spitting cobras will spit venom on its prey and kill them and so many techniques are there for each type of snakes.

How poisonous is a spitting cobras spit?

Highly toxic. It's normal purpose is to be injected via the fangs into prey animals such as rodents. In defence, the venom is aimed at the eyes of potential attackers to enable the snake to escape.

Is mongoose a herbivore?

Not at all. They prey on snakes!

How does a spitting cobra get its food?

While I don't honestly know too much about spitting cobras, I do know a fair bit about snakes in general and that when they spit/ hiss/ flatten their frill they are defending themselves so presumably they hunt like all other snakes; by sniffing and smelling their prey then poisoning it through their fangs.

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