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Is the gravitational force the same everywhere on earth?

No, there are slight differences.No, there are slight differences.No, there are slight differences.No, there are slight differences.

What is it called when there are slight differences in traits in an organism?


What iss the difference between ethnic and cuture?

The is a very slight difference between ethnic and culture. Culture refers to common things done by a particular group while ethnic can be defined a group that has a particular dominant culture.

What is the slight differences among objects or organisms that are all of the same basic type?


What is the slight differences among objects or organism that are all of the same basic type?


Are ground mustard is the same as mustard powder?

There are some slight differences, but they are fairly similar.

How do you spell supercallifragilisticexpealladocious because i no that's wrong?

You were close! supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I have seen slight differences to this but this answer is from

What is butling stringed instrument?

it is more likely with the instrument kudyapi but with slight differences which is hardly notice.

Do all em eaves travel at the same speed?

In a vacuum: yes. In other materials, there are slight differences.

What is the differences between hikaru and kaoru?

the way there hair sits n Hikaru has a slight softer voice then Kaoru.

What is a word called when it is the same in English and Spanish?

It doesn't matter what languages, and there can be slight differences in pronunciation and spelling, but they are cognates.

Why at times is the air very still?

This happen when there pressure differences in the atmosphere are very slight (the isobars are widely spaced).

Do the Orca in Antarctica differ from other Orca?

Genetically, very slightly. They are the same species, but there are very slight differences in appearance. There are three documented types of orca in the Antarctic and there are even slight differences among them. However, they are still the same species, like black and white humans. they are rouge man

Will objects weigh the same no matter where they are on earth?

More or less. There are slight variations, due to differences in gravity, and the centrifugal pseudoforce.

Are 1953 Ford F-150 and f350 cabs the same?

There may be some slight differences but basically they are the same.

What are the differences in skeletal structure of human male and female?

Slight difference in the pelvic area to allow a woman to carry a child in the womb.

How do you sex quails?

All except fully and partially leucistic, and albino forms are visually sexually dimorphic, even if the differences are slight.

What is a synonym for jigsaw?

A jigsaw is also known as a coping saw or a scroll saw, although there might be slight differences among the three.

What does og mean in Jordans?

OG means original shoe Jordan wore in his games. Retros is REMAKES of the OG shoes with slight differences.

Are chicken strips and chicken tenders the same thing?

They can be very similar, but usually there are some slight differences in size, taste, and the way that they are prepared.

Is varsol same as mineral spirits?

Paint thinner, varsol, and mineral spirits are essentially the same. There are slight differences in the chemistry, but they are functionally equivalent.

Are Pennsylvania car insurance laws the same as in Texas?

They are basically the same. There are or course some slight differences but they are not anything that makes a significant difference.

If identical twins marry identical twins will their children look alike?

They will probably look like brother and sister similar but with slight differences.

What are the differences between yahoo and Google?

There are slight differences between Yahoo and Google. Google has a wider range of search options and a more innovative design team. Yahoo has more detailed informational sites than Google.

Why do Muslims pray the way they do?

That is what the Prophet Muhammad taught, as was shown to him by the angel Gabriel. There are slight differences among Muslims in the way they pray, but they are basically the same.

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