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People are all smart in their own special way but needless to say I knew a guy from High School who's birthday is January 26 and yeah he's really good. An intelligent fellow. Also my brother was born same date and he's good in Math.

Smart people are born at any month and at any day.


I was born January 10th, and I can attest I don't feel I'm smarter than anyone else, but not considered stupid by my peers. One thing about Capricorns is they have inquisitive minds, love knowledge and make good authors or make good artists.


Well, it is personally tempting to say yes ......but realistically speaking, history shows that Einstein and Werner Von Braun were born in March, Keppler and Babbage in December, Faraday in September, and Lister in April ... so if that's any measure of ' smartness' ( whatever that is! ) then the argument doesn't hold a lot of water.


The month, year, day you were born does not equate to one's intellect. It's all depending on who you are

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Q: Are the smartest people in the world born in January?
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