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Simply put there's not doubt that current (Oct, 2007) spermicides do NOT affect virus viability and if used frequently may degrade the integrity of the vagina resulting in a bit of an increase in susceptibility from viral (HIV, HepB) infection.

Check the related link to the NIH website I posted to the left.

There's currently a LOT of research to find such a compound...

Birth Control pills, shots, and inserts are all options. There is also spermicidal foam. It is 97% effective, however it does not provide 100% protection from STDs. Once again it may cause genital irritation. You could also try the condoms that are made out of polyurethane instead of latex, however these are more likely to break than the latex condom because they are thinner. The chances of this happening are slim, but I would use a spermicide as well to be safe. Anyway, give the polyurethane condoms a try. They are designed for people like yourself that are allergic to latex.

Go to your local pharmacy, which usually supplies other types of condoms for people with latex Allergies. I'd really recommend taking birth control pills along with using condoms.


Some people are allergic to Latex Condoms, also many men don't want to use them because you don't get as good a "feeling" or sensation. PLEASE READ THIS!!! There are condoms that are made from "natural membrane". I tried latex and HATED them. When I tried membrane condoms...WOW!!!!! It's like you are not even wearing a condom! You feel EVERY sensation. If you try it you will never go back to latex. One brand is Kling-Tite NATURALAMB lubricated rolled condom. They are the BEST thing in the world. HOWEVER---IMPORTANT--VERY IMORTANT-- There are two major drawbacks (that can easily be overcome). ONE: They are very EXPENSIVE...but they are WORTH every single me!! TWO: Because they are a natural membrane, they are not guaranteed to stop STD's, including HIV> a virus may pass through a natural membrane. THEREFORE-you must use it with vaginal foam birth control or vaginal suppository birth contol that contains Nonoxynol-9. Nonoxynol-9 KILLS sperm and HIV. IF MORE PEOPLE knew about this, EVERYONE would be using it. You get a natural feeling, like you are not even wearing a condom, PLUS you get a back-up birth control and STD preventitive that you don't get with adding birth control pill to membrane condom use. I HIGHLY recommend ENCARE (nonoxynol-9 vaginal suppository) and NATURALAMB condom combination. You will think you died and went to Heaven. COST: A dozen (12) NATURALAMB CONDOMS cost about $24.00--approx. $2.00 each....ENCARE (nonoxynol-9) $12.00 for 18 suppositories. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND THEN SOME.

There are condoms made from a plastic-like substance called polyurethane.

Please use caution regarding the answer on using ENCARE (nonoxynol-9) from above. I did a search and found that it does NOT offer protection against STDs or STIs, including HIV. In fact, research has shown that it may actually increase the chance of contracting HIV. Please see "About Microbicides - Nonoxynol-9" below.

I am currently writing a paper about safe sex for school, and the only STD, HIV, and pregnancy protection currently available, which is widely accepted in the medical community, is a latex condom. Polyurethane is a newer material which has shown to provide protection as well, but there is a warning that you should use a latex condom unless you or your partner has an allergy. I am a latex allergy sufferer, and find that these types of condoms work well, although I have no experience with latex condoms to compare with.

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Q: Are there alternatives to latex condoms?
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Can you get a rash from condoms or lube?

Yup latex alergy is most common - you can try latex free alternatives

Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

Is there latex in erasers?

yes there is its latex from recycled condoms

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Can condoms irritate the skin?

Yes, if you are allergic to latex. They do make non-latex condoms, but they are more expensive and harder to find.

If you are allergic to latex are you able to wear a condom?

Buy a condom that is not made from latex. There are numerous condoms that are latex free.

What is latex?

Latex is natural ruber such as you may find condoms are made of or ruber gloves.

Is latex agglutination a qualitative or quantitative method of detection?

latex CONDOMS for gloves pickle

How do you know if your ellgic to latex condoms?

Trial and Error. Expose yourself to Latex and see what happens.

How do you keep from having an allergic reaction to condoms?

If you are allergic to latex, use different kind of condoms.

What do you use when you are allergic to condom?

There are condoms made of non-natural products. Although most condoms are made from latex (which some people are allergic to) - there are alternatives made from synthetic substances - such as polyurethane. For the best advice - consult a family-planning clinic - or see your doctor.

Could a urinary tract infection be caused by an allergy to condoms and or its lubrication?

Can be a reaction to spermicide or latex in condoms.

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