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Our friends have a Border Collie and the breeders told them to use sunscreen on the dog's nose during the summer (they confirmed this with a vet.) I didn't know Border Collie's had this problem. Many of them have pink noses, so any dog that doesn't have a brown, to black nose should have some sunscreen put on their nose when out in the sun. Marcy Contrary to what many people believe tattooing does NOT help to prevent sun damage {to the skin of any animal} from occuring. This is only a myth. There have been no proven advantages to tatooing an animal. Unless, it is for identification purposes. * I agree with Marcy try using sunscreen if you are worried about sun damage Kechara

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βˆ™ 2006-04-13 18:23:53
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Q: Are there any advantages in preventing sun damage on a pink-nosed dog by tattooing?
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