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the lower compression of the marine pistons will alow you to cram more air and fuel into your motor, the disadvantages are harder starts in the cold and maybe some drivability issues.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting coconut oil in your hair?

the advantages are if your hair is dry it moisturizes your hair and prevents split ends it gives a good shine , smell and texture to your hair the disadvantages are it depends in hair if it is going to suit you

Is ford putting cummins engines in their trucks?

Not the F250, F350, etc. Dodge and Cummins just signed a multi year contract to keep the Cummins in the Dodge trucks.

List advantages and disadvantages of buildinga computer system?

Advantages: -You save lots of money -You get to know exactly what you're putting in it Disadvantages: -It requires time to build and install the operating system -You may run into problems if you do not know what you're doing.

When is Ford putting cummins in their trucks?

Ford IS NOT putting Cummins in their trucks. Chrysler Corporation and Cummins Diesel Engines, Inc. just signed a multi-year contract to keep Cummins engines in Dodge Ram Heavy Duty trucks. You can get a Cummins diesel in a Ford F-650 or Ford F-750. The F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 all have the Powerstroke diesel engines.

How can you get better performance from your 1994 dodge cummins?

by putting water in the gas tank

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a franchise?

main advantages.... have established brand at start up , experience and guidance in that particular market. main disadvantages.... high initial cost , have to adhere to the franchiser's rules so not totally an independent business and yet you are putting in your risk of capitol and time.

Why is your car putting?

Because it is not firing all pistons due to a bad spark plug

Disadvantages of latitude and longitude?

putting these nuts....

What the advantages and disadvantages of Relaxed change?

Advantages of getting your hair relaxed is that it will look better and be more manageable, these are short term though. The disadvantage of this change is that you are putting chemicals on your hair that will damage it and in the long term be less manageable until you cut it off.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting Ubuntu on the PS3?

Advantage: your PS3 gains PC-like capabilities Disadvantage: you cannot upgrade your firmware due to the removal of this feature in the latest PS3 firmware

When did dodge start putting 24 valves in pickups?

The cummins went 24 valve in model year 1998.5

What is disadvantages of reality show?

You're putting your private life on TV.

What are some advantages of the magnetic strip reader?

Advantages:- Putting magnetic stripes on the cards are not expensive,so the cards are cheap. Disadvantages:- Magnetic stripes may get damaged or the stripe reader could break down. Magnetic stripes can only be read and understood by a magnetic stripe reader....

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cannibalism?

Well, the advantages of cannibalism can be summarized in one point: The person you are eating is presumably supplying your body with food. The disadvantages, however, have led to the downfall of entire peoples! When eating a being of the same species, you are consuming everything that comes with them; pathogens and all! In other words, you are putting into your body any diseases that your meal may have had, and as they are of the same species, these diseases will also thrive in you!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OMR?

Advantages:1.There is a large number of document to justify designing and printing them.2.The user can only make marks and cannot write any information. Disadvantages:1.Document for mark reader are complicated to design.2.input of the data to computer is is difficult for a computer to check marked data.4.the person putting the marks on the document has to follow the instruction.

What are the advantages of getting a tattoo?

The advantages of getting a tattoo are it looks good sometimes and you can declare your love for family members or a football team by putting their names on yourself. The disadvantages are it costs a lot of money, it costs a lot of money to have it removed and if you have it removed it can leave you with horrible scars you can't get rid of! hope this helps! :')

What are the advantages of having glasses?

stopes glair from the sun putting you off

What is the advantage and disadvantage of putting milk in your cereal?

what are the advantage and disadvantages of eating ceraels for breakfast

What are the advantages of having a direct election?

You are not putting your vote in the hands of someone else.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being honest?

disadvantages of being honest 1. end up in prison 2. losing your rights 3. punishment 4. grounded 5. denial 6. truth never lies advantages of being honest 1. clear mind 2. putting the past behind 3. the truth sets you free 4. liars never go to heaven 5. no more problems 6. you will be forgiven sometimes

What are the advantage and disadvantages of putting up a catering service?

advantage of catering service

What are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites?

the 5 advantages are: 1. You can know new people 2. To have fun 3. To be popular person 4. 5. THE 5 DISATVANTAGES: 1. when putting your photo on facebook all people can see it. 2. they take all your time. 3. You learn bad words and things. 4. 5.

Is dodge putting a 6.7 liter 32 valve cummins in the 2013 dodges?

The 6.7L inline six is a 24 valve engine. It will be in the 2013 Ram heavy duty trucks.

What are the advantages of music?

There are actually many different advantages of music. Some of these advantages include being therapeutic for medical sufferers, putting people in good moods, and giving kids something to try and enjoy.

Is it advantages when putting hot water in a metal cup?

It will stay cooler or hotter depending on what it originally was.