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I was sooo upset after me and my N broke up.We broke up in a horrible way and I never got closure. I was sick for months with anxiety. The more I read up about Narcissism, the better I feel. They are mentally ill people....pity them. I used to be so hurt and feel so jaded but as each day goes by, I know that it's not about ME !! They are insecure cowards that will always be miserable.

Hating a narcissist for what she does is like hating a snake for being a snake. They are mentally ill. If you can figure out a way to warn others who the narcissist might use as sources of narcissistic supply, and can do so at no risk to yourself, go for it. No one deserves to be used and callously discarded by these pathetic creatures.

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Q: Are there any benefits in getting revenge on the narcissist?
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all the flashes out of where it hides whenever any pressure or subject matter surfaces that attracts the narcissist.

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Well of course. That's a how a narcissist valids himself.

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A Narcissist NEVER makes any mistakes. It is always the fault of another person is done TO him not BY HIM so that he will look to be at fault.

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Probably. I think I know her.

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There is every hope. Don't ever allow them to spend ANY time alone with the narcissist and protect them from their criticisms and reaffirm their self worth and value if the Narcissist gets to them. if things get bad, just stop taking the children. Their emotional, psychological and mental protection is paramount.

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