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Are there any benefits in getting revenge on the narcissist?

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I was sooo upset after me and my N broke up.We broke up in a horrible way and I never got closure. I was sick for months with anxiety. The more I read up about Narcissism, the better I feel. They are mentally ill people....pity them. I used to be so hurt and feel so jaded but as each day goes by, I know that it's not about ME !! They are insecure cowards that will always be miserable.

Hating a narcissist for what she does is like hating a snake for being a snake. They are mentally ill. If you can figure out a way to warn others who the narcissist might use as sources of narcissistic supply, and can do so at no risk to yourself, go for it. No one deserves to be used and callously discarded by these pathetic creatures.

2009-03-03 20:12:02
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Use the word narcissist in a sentence?

the narcissist prince prefered to stay single than to marry any princess of the world. ---- Samantha was such a narcissist that she thought herself more beautiful than any other girl in the world.

Is there any way to get a narcissist to want you again?

What is the usage of the term "narcissist" and how does it reflect upon this situation. I do not understand. nar

Do narcissist stay angry?

all the flashes out of where it hides whenever any pressure or subject matter surfaces that attracts the narcissist.

Has any spouse of a Narcissist ever felt that their spouse was flirting with other women in front of them?

Well of course. That's a how a narcissist valids himself.

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Can a narcissist show appreciation?

A narcissist cannot show appreciation. A narcissist is a person who looks at themselves as higher than others, or believing they can do any task better than others, so for a narcissist to show appreciation would be very odd.

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Can someone who admits their mistakes be a narcissist?

A Narcissist NEVER makes any mistakes. It is always the fault of another person is done TO him not BY HIM so that he will look to be at fault.

What does getting revenge mean?

REVENGE is taking an action against someone who has insulted, affronted, or otherwise wronged you. In some cases, the wrong may be unintentional or even imaginary. In others, it could be a serious attack or injury. In any case, revenge is an extension of the instinctive reaction to physical or mental harm (e.g. kicking an inanimate object). Revenge may be taken even when it leads to unfortunate results such as escalation or violence. Getting revenge means getting back at someone. In earlier times, revenge for "an insult to one's honor" sometimes took the form of duels with swords or pistols. An extreme modern example (less honorable?) are "reprisal killings" by rival gangs or criminal groups.

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Is there any only child whose parent is a narcissist?

Probably. I think I know her.

Does a narcissist every change any behaviors for example stop drinking?

No. A narcissist cannot change. Narcissism is an untreatable personality disorder. It is unrealistic to believe a narcissist can change any behavior. In the world of the narcissist, he or she is center, remorseless, and sees no reason to change. He may manipulate his chosen one into believing he will change as manipulation and omnipotence are core to his insatiable need to control and keep his partner. Losing is not an option for the narcissist. Because of his inability to feel remorse, the narcissist acts out normal responses based purely on observation of others. He may say he will stop drinking to keep the relationship of abuse and chaos intact. Indeed, he cannot perceive a reason not to do exactly as he chooses to do. The narcissist lacks the ability to be accountable to any person or promise. He has no sense of remorse, no need or feelings for others exept to objectify

Is there any hope for a narcissists' grandchildren and how can the parents of the children deal with the narcissist?

There is every hope. Don't ever allow them to spend ANY time alone with the narcissist and protect them from their criticisms and reaffirm their self worth and value if the Narcissist gets to them. if things get bad, just stop taking the children. Their emotional, psychological and mental protection is paramount.

How do you cure a narcissist?

The narcissist doesnt feel like there is anything to cure! Only if they are willing to seek help is there any hope at all. Otherwise they are doomed to be miserable.

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Will a narcissist return to an old negative supply if they lose their new supply?

If they are a true narcissist they will use any and everybody to feed their ego doesn't matter positive or not.They are only interested in themselves.

Will a narcissist suffer when you cut off contact?

While obviously people vary, in general a narcissist is not going to mind any one particular person cutting off contact. It is all about them, after all.

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Is the narcissist ever sorry?

In theory, it's possible for a narcissist to feel sorry. A diagnosis for NPD doesn't really require a lack of empathy and a god complex isn't even one of the criteria. Unfortunately, I've never seen any reports of a narcissist feeling genuine remorse. This could simply be because we don't think of anybody who can genuinely feel remorse as a potential narcissist.

Can one 'buy' a narcissist as if for revenge?

If you mean by buying them gifts or giving them money you bet they'll take it and so would half the U.S. population. Can you buy a narcissist to demean them for vengeful reasons ... no! They are so arrogant and self absorbed they wouldn't even get what you are doing to them and they also feel they are much more intelligent than you are so the laugh would probably end up at your expense. Don't try to get revenge. Move on. I have a quote on my fridge that says, "If you can't forgive that person then they still have control over you." Although you are full of anger and want to get revenge look at it this way ... just by being free of this person is an insult to his own egotistical intelligence. Narcissistic people hate to lose and they want to be in control of any break-ups with a mate. Know that in time as the Narcissist gets older they have burned one too many bridges and are left alone without friends or mates. Life will be hell for them. Just save your energy for yourself. Good luck The best revenge is indifference. They seem to scurry around like rats when they are shown indifference.

What did Montresor mean when he said you must not only punish but punish with impunity?

this means for montresor to get revenge on fortunato, but not any kind of revenge, the worst kind of it. Montresor wants revenge that he could get away with.

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