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No because it's not only a waste of the person's energy, but also narcissistic think they know everything and wouldn't have a clue you were trying to get revenge. You'd be the loser in the long-run. Let it go and move on.

the best revengeJust ignore them. it requires absolutely no effort on your part and will make him feel empty and worthless. That is the way they want to make you feel, isn't it? So ignore them - that is justice well deserved.

You will discover sooner than you think how pathetic they really are.

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If a narcissist ignores you what should you do?

You should ignore them back and be thankful you are not in their circle of victims. Get on with your life and don't fret over not getting attention from a narcissist.

Should address labels be left justified or center justified?

Left justified

What should you do if you are married to a narcissist?

Get divorced!

Should the apa formatted paper be right justified?

APA paper is not right justified.

What are the release dates for What Should You Do - 2003 Revenge?

What Should You Do - 2003 Revenge was released on: USA: 16 November 2004

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Is torture ever justified?

No, tortured is never justified. The Geneva Conventions were composed for a reason, and should maintain those laws.

If you know people who are being hurt by a narcissist should you tell those people that he is a narcissist?

Yes. Otherwise they'll get deeper and deeper into it. At lease they have a fighting chance if you tell them.

Should narcissists leave their families?

On the contrary, most families leave the narcissist.

Should you attend an event where your abusive psychopath narcissist ex will be?

Only if you are masochistic.

Why does macduff refuse to yield?

Why should he? He is out to revenge the murder of his family. He will get his revenge, or die--yielding is not an option.

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What should you do to get revenge on the bully?

Feed Em

Do narcissists cheat?

Yes Narcissist cheats. I have read one who satisfies their narcissistic supply with sex is called a Somatic Narcissist. My ex married one-and he is a pathological narcissist as I know I lived it-It is the most insidious emotional abuse one can encounter- A Somatic Narcissist tends to be very promiscuous-she/he disregards her marriage and have multiple affairs just to satisfy their need for narcissist supply -Admiration-power--The Somatic Narcissist will capture you - control you with their sexual seduction and when he/she has you completely in their control her true self will come out-cruel and unemotional-and when you no longer satisfy their narcissistic supply the Somatic Narcissist will leave you as quickly as he/she entered your life-and onto the next-As I understand Somatic Narcissist have many affairs --regardless married or not. Question what happens when one Narcissist marries another Narcissist-it should be interesting to watch

What if your narcissist ex wants to join seminary Should you expose him?

Yes but do so anonymously.

Why do you grieve so much now that your narcissist father has died?

You grieve for the relationship you SHOULD have had.

Should you let yoru child visit his narcissist father once in a while?


On GTA IV what should you choose the deal or the revenge?

I Just Finished revenge and it was so much easier then deal.

How do you beat Bowser Luigi's revenge?

How should I know?!

What if your narcissist ex is considering seminary again Should you expose him?

Tell him to go and leave you alone.

What if your ex narcissist stalks you and calls you anonymously?

It is bad and you should run fast and flee town.

Should you call your ex Narcissist who dumped you two months ago and tell him you forgive him?

Please NO!

How can a narcissist win someone's love back?

Unless the Narcissist gets some professional help for their bad habits then they won't win that person's love back. It's possible for ANYONE to better themselves and if the Narcissist means business and can admit they are one to themselves then that's one big giant leap for themselves. Getting psychological help should never make one feel embarrassed or lesser of a person and it's no different than going to a medical doctor for a physical problem.

What to do if you had a major blowout with a narcissist boyfriend?

You should do some serious self analysis to determine why you would try to have an intimate relationship with a person you have described as a narcissist. Hopefully you will eventually decide that you are wasting your time and should move on with your life and find a mate who is capable of caring for and about you as much as you do about him.

How should us get revenge for 911?

That is a matter of opinion. Mine is that revenge is not the answer to what happened on 9/11. Protecting our country and the citizens is the answer, though.