Are there any books you can read to help you stop lying or is there just therapy?

Therapy is the best way to go because they have tools to help you over-come lying. People lie because they have low self-esteem and perhaps something in their past made them this way. If they didn't do well in school, students picked on them, or they came from a disfunctional family, etc. These are all good causes for a person to lie about themselves because basically they feel ashamed of who they are. They haven't learned that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but the trick is to learn from that mistake. It is also learned through years of life that no one is any better than another normal human being. Also, each person has a fear in their life of something and each person also has a weakness they would rather not discuss, which is very normal. Once the person who lies can be trained to see this and use the tools that the therapist gives them there is a good success rate.