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Are there any breeds of hamsters larger than dwarf breeds that will live together in pairs without fighting?



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it really depends on if the two hamsters are males. They will end up turning on each other, unless they were brothers, or raised together. If they are both girls, they will end up in the same situation as the males. Especially if the females, one or both, are pregnant. Either one, they are extremely aggressive. Syrian hamsters, also known as Black Bear hamsters, Golden hamsters, Panda hamsters, short hair, cinnamon, piebald, cream, smoke pearl, black, dark grey, sable, honey, yellow, sable banded, golden dominant spot, satin lilac, mink, satin silver grey, albino, blonde, sable roan, black dominant spot, so on, really dont get along even with their own species. I would suggest teddy bear hamsters, i have had 3, they all got along with others.