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it really depends on if the two hamsters are males. They will end up turning on each other, unless they were brothers, or raised together. If they are both girls, they will end up in the same situation as the males. Especially if the females, one or both, are pregnant. Either one, they are extremely aggressive. Syrian hamsters, also known as Black Bear hamsters, Golden hamsters, Panda hamsters, short hair, cinnamon, piebald, cream, smoke pearl, black, dark grey, sable, honey, yellow, sable banded, golden dominant spot, satin lilac, mink, satin silver grey, albino, blonde, sable roan, black dominant spot, so on, really dont get along even with their own species. I would suggest teddy bear hamsters, i have had 3, they all got along with others.

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Can two dwarf hamsters live together but different breeds?

they can live together as babies but after a few weeks they must be separated or else they will fight. hamsters are verry terretorial

How do you get two different breeds of dwarf hamsters to mate?

intouduce them together and see if they will mate

Why don't you have any info on hamsters?

Hamsters have many breeds. There is now info on hamsters.

Can hamsters breed with different breeds?


Do hamsters get along with each other?

`Yes and no... YES : Well, hamsters of the same breed and grew up together since young (same family) will get along with each other but when they grow up, it is a bit hard to say....NO : Well, hamsters of different breeds will definitely fight ! They are of the different kind and they will keep fighting... They cannot get along with each other definitely!!!Good Luck!!!

Can you put two different breeds of hamster together?

No. Hamsters are all territorial, so they'll just fight even if they're of 2 different breeds. And of course, you shouldn't allow 2 different breeds to mate.

Will 2 teddy bear hamsters and 2 dwarf hamsters get along?

NO! They are 2 different breeds of hamsters, they will not get along.

Can two different breeds of hamsters breed?


How do you get hamster to be friendly to other hamsters?

Dont put them together. Syrian hamsters are solitary and territorial. In almost every case, hamsters will fight if you put them together and there's no way to 'train' them not to do this. Even with certain dwarf breeds, if one hamster is attacking the others, it will need to be removed before it kills one.

What types of hamsters bite?

All hamsters bite if they are untamed usually. Hamsters can still bite sometimes when tamed but all breeds of hamsters all sexes of hamsters bite

What different hamster breeds are there?

Campbell Dwarf hamstersRussian Dwarf HamstersSiberian Hamsters or winter white dwarf hamstersSirian HamstersTeddybear hamsters (dont know scientific name!)Golden Hamstersthose are some good breeds of hamsters but here's two more you probably didn't know about......Robrovski,and racoonthe black bear and panda bear hamsters are the two more.

Can you breed a hamster and guniea pig together?

No! Hamsters of different breeds can't even be bred together let alone different species. What kind of animal would that make anyways?!

Can you put a Syrian hamster with a dwarf hamster?

yes u can put various hamsters with each other The Syrian will kill the little guy! NEVER EVER EVER put two different breeds of hamsters together.

What are the different breeds of fighting fish?

* * *

How do you get rare hamsters on hamsters life 2?

You must play for a long time and gradually, more items will appear in the store, including different breeds of hamsters.

Different types of hamsters?

syrian,golden,dwarfs,panda bear,black bear,tortise hamsters are all SUPER sweet breeds JUST DONT GET A FANCY DWARF HAMSTER fancy hamsters are cute and sweet for more breeds go to

Can dwarf hamsters mate other breeds?

Only cambelli and Russian can be breed together. But its highly unrecommend because you get really sick babys. So please don't to it.

Which breeds live longer Teddy bear hamsters or black bear hamsters?

Actually, black bear and teddy bear hamsters are the same. They each live about three years.

Are Chinese dwarf hamsters friendly to other hamsters?

Male Chinese dwarf hamsters can be mixed with male Chinese dwarf hamsters. Female Chinese dwarf hamsters are often not friendly to other Chinese dwarf hamsters. DO NOT MIX HAMSTERS OF DIFFERENT BREEDS, it could result in the death of one hamster

What are some hamsters?

many kinds of hamsters are: Russian Albino( Albino hamsters can be any breed) Dwarf Robo But if you do some reasearch, you could find soooooooo many more breeds.

Do dwarf hamsters like to live alone or with another hamster?

If you are planning to get a dwarf hamster, get at least 2 of the same gender. Dwarf hamsters are social, unlike other breeds of hamsters.

Why are different breeds of dogs bred together?

different breeds of dogs are breed together to make new breeds or for the new hite desiner dogs

Can hamsters live together once they get older?

NO they will kill each other they fight till death only dwaf hamsters and a few other breeds can live together --------------------------- Improved by .PokemonFreak. Actually, if you have two females it is possible for them to become friends. If you put male and female together the female is going to end up pregnant then you have to separate them or else the female will kill the male.

Are female hamsters bigger or male hamsters?

It depends. They're mostly the same size, but it depends on the breed. Syrians and Teddy Bears are in the 'big hamster' breeds, and dwarf hamsters are usually smaller.

Can you put guinea pigs in the same cage as hamsters?

This all depends on the animals. Mostly it is not a good idea to put different breeds together. Some get along okay if they are paired when young.

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