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Are there any cheats for Nintendogs?


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July 25, 2010 1:48AM

Here is one for deleting info: turn on DS and touch nintendogs as usual. When the screen that has the word NINTENDO in big red letters, press all the buttons at the same time. then a sign will pop up and ask u if u wanna delete all info. press yes and voila! bye bye all info on the game! And these are some tricks to teach your dogs:

Sneeze: While sitting tap your dogs nose. it should sneeze. This can be taught as a trick.

Backflip: Tell your dog to sit. Then, tell your dog to jump. it should do a backflip. This can be taught.

Speak: buy a keyboard (at 5000 trainer points) tap the little trumpet symbol. Now tap the camera symbol until it reaches the right dog. hold the lowest note (the left side) your dog should bark (keep holding) then the light bulb will appear. let go of the note and teach the trick.

Wave: Tell your dog to sit. now grab his ear and move it around the dog should bring it's paw up then tap the light bulb and teach it the trick. Stand: tell your dog to beg. now take his chest and slide up. he should stand up. tap the bulb and teach the trick.

here are some basic tips:

  • Feed the dog the light bulb that appears over your dogs head, it will make it learn the trick quicker. If you feed a bone to dog it gives trainer points!
  • Throw a toy. No matter if the dog catches it or not rub him/her on the head. Any time you pet your dog and sparkles appear you get trainer points. Do the same when the dog does a trick correctly.
  • Whistle and call its name, instead of pressing the round button to call your dog.
  • walks give you 100 trainer points. On the end of your walk go to a park. Put on new collar. It will save any items found. You can go on a walk again!
  • Go to contests and place in the top 3.
  • Visit friends in bark mode
  • Let it play with other dogs you own
  • Give it a bath then brush it
  • Play it music it likes
  • Before you go into a contest save. Then if you do poorly in a contest you can shut it off BEFORE the contest is over and you can restart it.
  • Buy treats from the discount store and give them to the dog when it's good, does a trick, does good in a contest, finds good presents for you, and when it doesn't get into fights with other dogs.

some more random stuff:

Before making the last stop in the park, change your dog's collar to auto save your game. Turn off the DS and cold boot the game. This will enable you to save any items you found during the walk and restarts your walk at the same time, allowing you to farm the park for items.

Navigate to the screen where you wash your puppy. Instead of actually brushing the puppy, leave the brush over your puppy (in the center of your dog). For each real time minute the brush stays there sits there, you should gain one Trainer Point.

Prior to attending a contest, save the game. While attempting the trial, you may opt to turn off the Nintendo DS and reload your save (before the contest) to retry without docking your daily contest limit.

More Dogs

  • Beagle: Collect 2000 Owner Points
  • Cavalier king Charles Spaniel: Collect 14000 Owner Points
  • Jack Russel Terrier: When you take your dog for a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. If you visit the kennel, you can now buy the single Jack Russel Terrier
  • Shetland Sheepdog: Collect 17000 Owner Points
  • Shih-Tzu: Collect 8000 Owner Points
  • Toy Poodle: Collect 4000 Owner Points
  • Welsh Corgi: Collect 10000 Owner Points (this is if you have dachshund and friends, if you have a different one you might already have these dogs)