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If you have pets or children it might. Fruit flies of course come when you bring in sweet fruits such as watermelon, melons and especially bananas. I usually wash all fruit right away to get any juice off them and if possible (other than bananas) I put the fruit in the fridge. Also be sure your in-home garbage pail is cleaned out after eating fruit. Clean all counters if you have cut fruit and you can use a mixture of bleach and water to do this (being sure to rinse well.) Once your fruit is gone so are the fruit flies. Also check the floor for sticky spots that may have dribbled on the floor and wipe up with hot water and a paper towel. You should avoid any type of ignition source is you are spraying alcohol around. It is extremely flammable. spray soapy water first. It kills them just as good and wont be flammable.

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Q: Are there any dangers of spraying rubbing alcohol to kill fruit flies?
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Thiscould happen from the spraying of GMO Food spraying of insecticides on these products.

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How to kill flies?

The best way to kill flies is as such. Fill a spray bottle with water, rubbing alcohol, and soap. Simply spray the fly a few times, and it shall die. This method is most effective when the fly is on a wall or on the floor.

How can you keep flies away from your garden?

By spraying the medicine all over your garden.

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Will sulfuric acid 96 burn and kill insects eg flies ants etc?

You can kills insects such as ants and flies by spraying them with dilute sulfuric acid.

How do you kill flies on your porch?

Fly traps or spraying a few times a day. Also repellent might work.

How can pinkeye spread in sheep?

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How do you get rid of white bugs on plants?

Directing a stream of hose water and spraying insecticidal soap are ways to get rid of white bugs on plants. The answer assumes that the white bugs are aphids, cottony scale, mealy bugs, or white-flies. The insecticidal soap may be home-made or store-bought, with the former involving 1 tablespoon of dish detergent (supplemented by cayenne pepper, japapeno juice, rubbing alcohol, or tabasco sauce) in 1 pint of room-temperature water.

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Fruit flies are a common pest on gherkin farms in India. They can be controlled by spraying insecticides on the crops.

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Can alcohol kill bed bugs?

Not sure try to combine the alcohol procedure with other home remedies, such as steam cleaning. Hope it will help you. (RIGHT ANSWER) YES! I've killed BB w/it, actually it doesn't need to be concentrated. I use 1/4 Rubbing Alcohol and fill the rest w/ water. But if u wanna go full strength it works like crazy. I attached a trigger from a spray bottle on the bottle of alcohol. I've used/use it to kill all types of bugs and it works! Even flies in mid flight!

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flies are attracted to nail polish because it smells bad

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First go and get the Berrys then after that you go to a spraying thing near rigg but at the left hand side get moving I'm answering loads of questions

How does a parasite transfer human to human?

one is by an animal pooping on the ground and some animal steps on it. another is by an animal rubbing on an infected lice, strongyloides, and, horse flies

Why was the buffalo fly trap invented?

It was invented as a low-tech way to rid dairy cattle of buffalo flies. Buffalo flies are a serious problem in dairy cattle. Hundreds of flies bite each cow every day, causing irritation and lowering milk production. The cows develop sores and injure themselves as they scratch them by rubbing against trees and fences. Pesticides to control the flies are expensive and harmful to the environment.

What type of insect is orange and black and flies clustering against your house and how can you get rid of them?

the bugs are called box elder bugs you cannot totally get rid of them unless you get rid of the box elder tree or trees, but you can control them by spraying them with soap and water.

Where do big flies come from?

These flies are called Horseflies, These Horseflies find a way into your house from outside and don't like leaving. These things also bite so I suggest spraying them on site. The only reason they want in is because there is something quite delectable in your home. I suggest locating there feeding sources and any nesting places. They usually nest in moist, food-heavy areas.

What is the collective noun for flies?

The collective nouns for flies are:a business of fliesa cloud of fliesa grist of fliesa hatch of fliesa swarm of flies

What in collective nouns is a something of flies?

Collective nouns for flies are:a business of fliesa cloud of fliesa grist of fliesa hatch of fliesa swarm of flies

Is tequila a protein?

No, there is no protein in tequila. Alcohol is primarily carbohydrates. Actually, there is a protein found in fruit flies that is called "tequila", it is similar to a protein in humans that is called neurotrypsin and it is important in long term memory.

What fruit attracts the most fruit flies?

I'm currently doing a science project on this topic and haven't found the exact answer just yet. However, if this helps anyone, fruit flies are attracted to decaying fruits rather than fresh ones because those fruits contain more yeast and alcohol due to fermentation. Fruit flies also enjoy carbonated beverages although that is not a type of fruit. Definitely bananas. The bright color along with a strong fruit odor will attract them. Just ask any bartender, we always have lemons, limes, oranges, and of course, fruit flies. Any of the fruit in a bar's fruit tray would be a close second for most attractive to these flies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Here is the experiment you can do to get your answerr: Get several plastic cups. Use as many fruits as you like to want to test, apple, peach, grapes, banana, orange etc. tape an outer layer of plastic wrap on top of the cup after you depostit a couple of pieces of fruit, poke some tiny holes in the plastic so they can get at the rotting fruit, and set it out on a counter. After a few days, you will see the fruity flies in each cup. When you are ready to quit collecting, take some rubbing alcohol , pour it on the top of the plastic wrap with the holes and cover again with another piece of plastic wrap sandwiching the alcohol between and let no air in so you can kill them off. When they are all dead, count up! ((From Bitter Experiernce, personlally, I find bananas seem to attract the most. Dont know the chemical analysis of a banana vs. a kiwi but you are the scientist, let the world know why and win a Nobel Peace Prize! Good luck on your project.

Group of flies?

The standard collective nouns for flies are:a business of fliesa swarm of flies