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There arin't any diets to build muscle alone..If you're working out and lifting weight then you should be on a high protein diet.

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Q: Are there any diets which can help you build butt muscle?
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Why do pepople have big butts?

Exercise can help build the muscle in your butt, but you need to remember things like squats and lunges will not help you make your butt bigger.

Are there any good websites that will give me detailed information on how to build muscle the natural way?

There are lots and lots of websites and books that will help give you information on exercises and healthy diets that can help you build muscle without the use of drugs. I have included a couple of websites that I think will be of some help to you: and

Does Tylenol help build muscle?


Does fiber help build muscle?


Do dietary supplements , such as those available at GNC, help build muscle tone when used in conjunction with lifting free weights ?

They don't help build muscle, but they do increase your intake of protien which is what your body needs to build muscle.

How do you increase fat on butt its almost zero size?

I assume it to be muscle. Train hard Train your butt twice a week after leg workout While squatting squat really deep Wide legged squats hit your butt hard. Eat log of healthy food and lots of protein to help you build a bigger butt..

What can I do to get more muscle growth?

People can build muscle growth by weight lifting and weight training can help you out too this online site can be of help with this one too .

Does being African help you build muscle easier?


Will muscle strength supplements help me build my scrawny frame?

Yes, muscle strength supplements can help you build your scrawny frame. You also need to do some weight training.

Does ginseng build muscle?

Ginseng doesn't build muscle but there is evidence that it helps endurance. Ginseng can also help with loosing fat in the body.

Do leg raises help you lose fat?

no but it does build muscle

Treatment for foot drop?

how to help build up your muscle