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yes,the rain fall, the temperature and animals that live there

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Are there any differences between the temperate deciduous forests and the tropical deciduous forests?

It grows in temperate.

What are the differences between a temperate forests and a taiga forests?

Temperate forests contain trees, taigas contain leaf trolls.

What is the latitude of the temperate deciduous forests?

between 20111 degrees to 10000000000000 degrees

What are non native species in the temperate deciduous forests?

Non native species in the temperate deciduous forests are species that were not born in a there but moved there later on.

Where is a good temperate deciduous forest?

Northern California supports good temperate deciduous forests. I think Yosemite might be a temperate deciduous forest.

What are forests with deciduous and coniferous trees called?

Temperate deciduous forest

What biomes does Switzerland have?

temperate deciduous forests,

Do tigers live in deciduous forests?

yes temperate decidous forests

What biome does the woodpecker live in?

In the Temperate Deciduous Forests.

What are places of interest in temperate deciduous forests?

where there are trees

What is the Country with most temperate deciduous forests?


What is the climate of the deciduous forest-?

Deciduous forests are generally found in the temperate climate areas.

What are the biomes in China?

the biomes of china are:Alpine, deciduous forest, temperate grassland, temperate forests, desert and tropical forests

What plants live in temperate deciduous forests?

Trees, poison oak, and poison ivy all live in the Temperate Deciduous Forest.

What are Kentucky's biomes?

Temperate deciduous forests and the Appalachian Mountains.

What percent of the earth is covered with temperate deciduous forests?


What wind patterns do Temperate Deciduous Forests?

A fall of 2 in

What country has the largest area of temperate deciduous forests?


Does it snow in temperate deciduous forests?

Yes it can do in some areas.

What is the approximate latitude of all the deciduous forest in the world?

The world's deciduous forests are found between 25 and 50 degrees latitude, both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Deciduous forests are one of the two types of temperate forest; the other type is evergreen forests.

What is the landscape of temperate deciduous forests?

Temperate Grassland have quite tall trees & lots of hills

Which ecosystem usually supports thick forests of deciduous trees?

The temperate climate, or temperate forest.

What are the worlds 6 biomes?

the worlds major biomes are the tropical rain forests, temperate rain forests, temperate deciduous forests, taiga, savannas, temperate grasslands, chaparral, deserts, and tundras

What is the main difference between temperate forest and equatorial forest?

Location is one of the differences between temoerate forests and equatorial forests. Temperate forests can be found in the milder, temperate zones and equatorial forests are found near or on the equator. The climate of the equatorial forests is hotter than that of temperate forests. Vegetation and wildlife would also be different in the two types of forests.

Are there any endangered species in the temperate deciduous forest?

There certainly are endangered species in the temperate deciduous forests. There are endangered species in all parts of the world.

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