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The minister or Justice of the peace will send off the marriage licence,but to obtain a legal name change you have to send off for a certified licence.

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Q: Are there any documents that need to be filed after a marriage to make the marriage legal?
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Is a marriage legal at age 17 with false consentment papers?

Any fake or forged documents used would make the marriage not valid.

What if the marriage certificate was never turned in after the ceremony?

A marriage certificate has to be filed with in 2 years of the ceremony to make the marriage legal. If it has been longer than 2 years then the marriage is not legally recognized by the courts.

How do you make an explanation letter for late filing of documents?

An explanation letter explaining why documents were filed late can be hand written. The letter should include the reasons the documents were filed late.

Does forging a marriage certificate make the marriage legal?

Of course not. Marriage is a legal status. Forging a legal document is against the law and you can be charged with fraud!

How do you make a document legal?

You can make documents legal by getting them notorised by an authorises lawyer.

Is your marriage recognized if you got married in Africa but your license has not been filed in the us?

Yes, it is still valid and will be recognized. You should make sure you have a copy of the documents and a certified translation.

Does marriage make a immigrant legal?

If you have been married to your husband for many years, and you are not using the clause just to make your marriage legal . it is alright.

How can you make gun legal if it had serial number filed off?

You can't.

Do you need to get a divorce if the marriage license was never filed?

no just make sure the cops dont find out or you can go to jail for not getting your stuff filed

Does a marriage license mean your legally married?

It depends, in California the marriage ceremony is required to make the marriage legal, and it has to be recorded.

Which marriage documents are legal?

The civil marriage license must be signed by the official who performed the marriage ceremony. It is generally their duty to make certain the signed marriage license is delivered to the government office charged with recording marriages. Once they receive it your marriage becomes part of the public record. In some jurisdictions the returned, signed marriage license becomes the marriage certificate. An official marriage certificate must have an official government seal. A government issued marriage certificate is the official proof of your marriage.

What determines in a condo association an easement as to whether or not it is ingress and egress?

Somewhere in your governing documents, probably in pages filed with the local property tax authority, you should be able to find a legal description of the land, which will make this easement specification.

How does free enterprise make it possible for entrepreneurs to start businesses?

in their legal documents

What do you need to make a marriage legal in Louisiana a marriage certificate or a marriage license?

You need a marriage certificate from the parish. It will be issued after the marriage license has been executed and returned to the court house.

Why do states make you have a marriage license?

Because marriage is a legal condition. It affect inheritance, dowry and property deeds.

If you get married in another country how can you make it legal in the US?

It is legal in the US as long as you have the documents to prove it. Certified translations are good to have.

How do I find someone's probated will free of charge?

You can travel to the probate court where the decedent died and check the index to see if a probate was filed. Take a notepad and pen with you (and a camera if you have one to photograph the documents). If a probate was filed you can request to see the file and make notes of any documents in it.

How can you make a gun legal if it had serial number filed off?

You can't make this weapon legal, ever. In addition, the mere possession of it is considered a felony under the U.S. Code.

What does a search warrant look like?

They are legal documents that can appear in almost any form - from legal sized heavy- weight paper documents all the way to photocopier paper - it makes no difference what they LOOK like it is the signatures on them that make lt 'legal."

Do you need to get a divorce from my first marriage in Mexico even though I left the marriage 4 years ago?

You entered into a legal marriage in Mexico. In order to re-marry, you must end the previous marriage. A divorce decree is going to be needed in order to make any subsequent marriage legal.

What is a divorce lawyer all about?

If the divorce is uncontested, or unsettled, they help to make the settle the disagreements. They handle all of the official documents that have to be filed.

Can you travel to the US and make a legal marriage certificate with an US citizen?


Which make corporate society fake?

nothing makes it fraud. this company have all legal documents...

What if you never filed your marriage license?

I would suggest that you make it the best kept secret you ever had. Now you will have nothing to lose when you get divorced.

Can your brother-in-law notarize a legal document for you?

Only if your brother in law is a legal notary. The notary must be legal to make the documents legal. The notary needs to be licensed.It is poor practice to notarize your own documents or the documents of family members. In some States it is expressly forbidden.Check with your Secretary of State in the State in which you live in to verify.

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