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Squats are not bad for your knees if done correctly. But if you have knee injuries you can do leg extensions.

I would first consult your MD and a good PT (Physical Therapist) not a personal trainer, Sport medice kind and really look at the nature of the injury.

You may find that 3/4-1/2 squats are allowable as are leg extensions.

Unfortunately I would guess that if you suffered a serious knee injury, full squats will not be recommended. And becarefull of relying on braces and supports, one needs to remember that most times injuries and pain are your bodies way of telling you something. Take time let your body heal and work back cautiously.

Squats or leg press are a safe exercise if done correctly as they are a closed chain exercise, ie a multiple joint movement with feet against a solid base. Leg extensions are open chain, single joint movement and feet not against a solid base, which increases forces in the knee. Depending on the type of knee injury depends on which exercise you should choose. If unsure, make an appointment with a sports therapist or physio.

try lunges, they help your butt too

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Q: Are there any good alternatives for your quads if squats are bad for your knees?
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Squats build up your glutes and quads very nicely. Climbing stairs is good and is also good for the heart/lungs.

Does weight training your quads affect your knees?

Not necessarily. Of course, if you exercise improperly (such as bouncing at the bottom of a squat, in my opinion) you may injure your knees. Even assuming that you exercise properly, after several decades of training your knees may hurt a bit during exercise. This does not happen to everyone. If you always warm up properly and use perfect exercise technique, it may never happen to you. Exercise selection, too, is important. For example, it is a good idea never to do heavy leg raises because they really stress the knees. Even if your knees eventually hurt during training, there may be ways to work around it. For example, if regular back squats hurt your knees, switch to box squats. Box squats are much more difficult, which means that you will use less weight; using less weight means less stress on your knees.

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You can it would be a good idea that way you are working not only you bicepts but your hamstrings as well. However you have to make sure that you do your squats correctly or else you can damage your knees.

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Knees are joints, and not muscles, so weight training strength training will not change their appearance or shape. The quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups control the bending of the knee, so squats and hammy raises would make them stronger.

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Some good supplements for knees are glucosimine, chondroitin, SAM-E, or calcium. They all help aid with pain relief and mobility. Some things that can be done for knee strengthening are small squats or small sets of leg lifts daily.

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