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You need to get the local paper and look at the 'Wanted' ads at the back. You can find jobs in restaurants and supermarkets and also walk along the street and look in shop windows. My nephew started working in Harry Ramsdens when he was 15 and work3ed his way up to team leader, he is now 20 and at Uni in Cardiff and is a team leader there during term-time and goes home to Birmingham and back to his old job in vacations.

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Q: Are there any good paying jobs for teenagers in Birmingham UK?
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Good paying jobs?

There are many good paying jobs with or without a college degree. Tech jobs, medical jobs and sales jobs are good paying jobs. Engineering jobs and HVAC repair jobs are also good paying jobs. Surveyors, medical assistants and legal secretaries are also good paying jobs.

Which job search engines are the best for finding high paying entry level jobs for teenagers without a college degree?

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What jobs are available for teenagers under 16 that live in Birmingham?

car wash, resterants any where forreal

What are well paying part time jobs for teenagers?

Some well paying jobs for teenagers are fast food worker, at places like Burger King and McDonalds, bagger at a local grocery store, or cashier at Wall mart.

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Good paying jobs without college can be found in the power plant industry where office jobs and industrial jobs are offered. You can find the best paying jobs without a degree, and with no experience.

What are good part time summer jobs for teenagers?


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Good part time jobs for teenagers include seasonal outdoor work, fast food restaurants, and other simple jobs that don't require a lot of education.

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There are a few good paying jobs for woman, such as pharmacist, chief executive and a lot of health care jobs. But you need to qualify for that kind of job,

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Where can you find a good paying job?

Do a search for " jobs for teens that pay over $25" and learn about the high paying power plant jobs that are offered to applicants without a college degree. jobs are becoming available because older workers are retiring after 30 - 40 years at their power plant jobs...... many of them started when they were teenagers without a degree

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