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Are there any heating problems with 02 VW Passats?


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January 20, 2008 7:02AM

I had the following problem with the heater on my '99 Passat (B5). The damper blade in the heat/aircon mixing plenum is fabricated from a piece of sheetmetal with large holes punched in it. The holes are covered with self-adhesive polyethylene foam about .5mm thick. After some years the foam becomes brittle and blows away. Really first rate automotive engineering.......I don't think so! Maybe VAG were so proud of this piece of junk that they decided to use it again on your later model. Before you ask, yes, the whole dashboard has to be removed to get to the damper. I have yet to find any aspect of this car which is easier to service than it's equivalent on a Japanese car. This may not be the same problem on your vehicle; if you are lucky maybe the heater circuit is just airlocked, the hoses connecting the heater are at the highest point in the cooling circuit.