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There is a program that assists anyone in the country with borrowing cash for a down payment. There is a great loan product designed to help people who need extra cash now to pay for the down payment of a vehicle. There are about 150 lenders that bid against each other to provide the loans.

These loans usually do not require credit checks or hard inquiries or faxing of identification documentation. The applicant gets a decision in 3-5 minutes and the money can be direct deposited in as little as 2 hours.

The only Down Payments Assistance programs for the purchase of a car are directly associated with the automobile manufacturers finance company such as Chrysler Credit, Ford Motor Credit or GMAC. Currently they are running "Down Payment Assistance" rebate programs. These programs require that you purchase a NEW vehicle and finance it with the dealers finance company. For more information, see your GM, Ford or DaimlerChrysler dealer.

However, if you do not have the down payment yourself, it may be better for your personal finances to buy a used car--lower price over all, shorter payment time and less expensive to register and insure. Easy money is just that: they do not consider your whole situation as they are in the sales business.

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Q: Are there any programs that give down payment assistance for a vehicle like they have for buying a house?
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Are there any entitlements that helps with buying a home and on or home buying?

In Texas there are several Down Payment Assistance Programs it just depends on what part of Texas you are purchasing a home in. The My First Texas Home's "Taxable Mortgage Program" (TMP-79) is available all over Texas. Find out more about this program and many more on our website.

Does Massey Ferguson offer any financing assistance when buying their farm equipment?

Yes, Massey Ferguson does offer financial assistance when buying farm equipment. They go through a company called AGCO financing. This company claims to have flexible payment terms and competitive fixed and variable rates.

How do i go about getting qualified for the first time home buyer programs, and assistance dwn pymt programs. With my montgomerey GI Bill?

When you go to the realator office and show significant interest in buying a home, they will tell you how to go about applying for the first time home buyer programs.

Does a cosigner have rights to a vehicle?

No, a cosigner only has the legal obligation to pay the debt if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement.The exception to this would be if the cosigner is a joint title holder of the vehicle.COSINGER!Does a consignor have rights to the vehicle if the people who is buying the car never missed a payment?

What are the different stages in buying a car?

Basically the stages are" The Research Stage: This is where you decide how much you want to spend and what kind of vehicle you're looking for. The Search Stage: This is is where you locate the vehicle. It could be through a private seller, franchised dealer, auction or online The Buying Stage: This is where the negotiation, payment terms and conditions and delivery process are settled.

Is there payment plans included with buying bedroom furniture?

It all depends on where you are buying your bedroom furniture from , but most places do have the option available where you can go on some sort of payment plan.

What is open title?

no, buying vehicle from someone who got the vehicle through a mechanics lien

How does a car-buying service work?

A car buying service is more of a broker who helps you purchase a vehicle. However, you can take your vehicle to a dealership or try Auto Trader to sell your vehicle easily.

What should I look for when buying a used wheelchair van?

Buying any used vehicle is tough. You should have a mechanic with you too inspect the vehicle prior to purchase.

Small down payment get cars for cheap?

There are many ways to get a car cheap, such as, buying from a third party seller, to even having the dealership that you buy from finance your vehicle. but you can also lease a vehicle, where its simply like you rent a vehicle for a certain amount of time, most often a year. You can also buy used cars.

What services does AAA Auto provide?

AAA auto provides many emergency services to it's members. These include emergency roadside assistance, automobile repair, car buying service, and vehicle financing services.

What is down payment with regard to buying a house?

3.5% of Loan amount

How did buying on margin work?

Buying on margin- they paid a small part of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowed the rest.

The practice of buying stocks with an initial down payment of only 10 percent of the stock price was known as?

buying on margin

What is a down payment?

a portion of the purchase price that is paid as a condition of getting a loan. In other words, it is the first payment in installment buying.

What is the difference between a purchase and a payment on a credit card statement?

A purchase would be buying something. A payment would be a payment on the card itself, towards the balance of the available credit.

How can you buy a new van without any money?

If you have no money to pay down on this vehicle or do not have a vehicle to trade in that you have no business buying a new van. You should be buying a used van.

What are things to consider before buying a new car?

Price Depreciation Payment

When is payment due after buying a car?

Generally a month. Sometimes if you ask your bank or finance company to defer the first payment for an additional month they will.

What to look for when buying a vehicle?

When buying a vehicle the first thing to consider is what is the vehicle going to be used for. Its no use purchasing a sports vehicle, if you have a family, for example. When you have decided on the type of vehicle, look at the vehicle for signs of wear, if its second hand. Wear on the steering wheel, badly rubbed seats, and different tyres all indicate high usage.

Do you accept long term loans as a form of payment for car purchases?

Whether it's your first time buying a car or you are an experienced buyer, our vehicle finance . What type of vehicle can I purchase with a Chase Auto Loan? How long will it take to get a decision? The Chase check will be made payable to both you and the seller of the vehicle. Maximum term available is 72 months.

Do you need to be advised it's a salvage car?

When buying the salvage vehicle, ensure that you search the history of the vehicle.

Are there low income housing loans programs for people on social security disability?

If there are programs available, a good place to check would be with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If you live in a rural (not city) area, the USDA has a program for up to 100% financing for buyers. Also, the county or town or state will sometimes have programs available for home buying assistance. Unfortunately, alot of Federal programs died during this banking issue.

Is buying a used Lexus LS a good idea?

Buying a used vehicle is always a gamble. When purchasing a used vehicle it is best to have some kind of repair knowledge. If you don't then it is best to take the vehicle to an independent party to have it examined and ensure reliability.

Is it a good idea to use a car payment calculator before buying a car?

Yes, it is a very good idea to use a car payment calculator before buying a car. It's the best way to find out what your price range will be for the new car.