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Are there any proper new post apocalyptic movies coming soon?

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An apocalypse is a great war that destroys everything. Post-apocalyptic refers to the time after the war, concerning any survivors and what happens to them. A famous post-apocalyptic movie is The Road Warrior.

Post Apocalyptic Dan - 2013 was released on: USA: April 2013

post apocalyptic post mordem postman poster postal

The cast of Post Apocalyptic Dan - 2013 includes: Emily Deblasi Steven Hightower

It has a post-apocalyptic setting.

It doesn't. At least I didn't see it. But it's implied.

The cast of The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls - 2010 includes: Arcana Billy Rough Surgeon Scofflaw

The cast of Post Apocalyptic Pizza - 2009 includes: Trevor Bacchus Mark Erman as Virus Jai Koutrae as Narrator

a post apocalyptic north America

"Post apocalyptic" refers to things occurring or taking place after an apocalypse. The prefix "post" means "after," and "apocalypse" is "any universal or widespread destruction or disaster." For example, a nuclear war, or a giant meteor colliding with earth, or a pandemic (a global plague).

Post-Apocalyptic world + dragons = awesome

The cast of Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Shotgun Madness - 2010 includes: Jenna Jacob as Rachel Chris Spurgin as Teddy

The cast of Post Apocalyptic Man - 2011 includes: Michael Dorman as Hunter Samir Malik as Kofi Ben Prendergast as Baker Angus Sampson as Barfly

science fiction, dystopia, post apocalyptic, psychic ability

All in the future and fear then courage.

No it is a post apocalyptic universe but the book The Hunger Games is real

A dog named Lucky in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Chrysalids is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, on the island of Labrador.

The cast of Post-Apocalyptic Feminist Iconography - 2012 includes: Emma DeCorsey as Sydney Smith Stacey Linnartz as Annie Preston Jeremy Rishe as Stanley Larry

Post-apocalyptic fiction is just a fancy term for a story that takes place after some major world-ending catastrophe has occurred. So write a story set in such a place. Click on the Related Question to see how to write a good story.

New Vegas is Fallout's post apocalyptic version of Las Vegas; while New Reno is Fallout's post apocalyptic version of Reno; they are both casino towns but they are two different towns in different games.

Man vs. Society: Lauren vs. Post apocalyptic America

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