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That is just FOUL. But..... Animal membrane condoms are reusable but offer no protection from STDs, so unless you're in a monogamous relationship and have no concerns about getting HIV or other STDs, don't use them.

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What kinds of flavored condoms were available in the year 1990?

I know you could get mint-flavored condoms then. Not sure about any other flavors.

Is there glow in dark condoms?

Yes, Night Light glow in the dark, you can search for them by name on the net. I am looking to find other brands and colors but still have yet to come up with any. Yes there are glow in the dark condoms now available in the market. They are more for fun purpose. Make sure that condom is exposure to the normal light before use. Then Turn down your lights and turn up the excitement with glow in the dark condoms

Are there any waterproof laptop cases available on the market?

SE 710CC Complete Laptop Computer Case are the waterproof laptop cases available on the market.

Are there any side effects of using condoms?

Some people are allergic to typical latex condoms, which can cause irritation. However this is no excuse for not using one, because there are latex-free condoms available for the same price as the latex ones. Condoms also have an expiry date. Using them past the expiry date may cause them to split, resulting in pregnancy or even sexually transmitted diseases. Other than that, no. Whether either partner has an allergy or not to latex is not an acceptable excuse for not using one because there are different materials on the market.

What age do you have to be to buy condoms in Ireland?

You don't have to be any age. Any person of any age can buy condoms legally and publically.

Are there any uncircumcised condoms for man?

Not at this time. Condoms work for BOTH penises.

Where do you get good condoms?

If you don't know where to buy condoms, you must try out any good super market and you will find this in wellness section. There is possibility that sometimes these are out of stock. In that case you must get it in any pharmacy store. Some places you also get in vending machines. I'm not sure if you are aware; since you posed this question. Condoms are gadgets for contraception. It is popular among all age groups.

How effective are condoms against gonorrhea?

Condoms are about 98% effective against any infection.

The age limit to buy condoms?

Any age can purchase condoms. No ID needed.

Are there pink condoms?

Yes, there are pink condoms, just like almost any colour.

What is the legal age to purchase condoms in ga?

There aren't any age requirements in the United States for purchasing condoms. In Georgia you can purchase condoms at virtually any age. Have fun man!

Are there any products on the market that support ATM?

•What products that support ATM are available in the market? •How will application programs use ATM?

How old do you have to be to purchase condoms?

You can buy condoms at any age. Their is no legal requirements that you have to meet to purchase them.

Any reusable topps town codes?


What age can you buy condoms?

any age

Are there any condoms without spermicide?


Is their is any medicine available in the market that can help you to start lactating because your boyfriend loves it?


How can you improve your complxion?

There are lots of fairness creams and lotions available in market, you can use any one of them.

What is the legal age to buy condoms?

You can buy a condom at any age and it is store owner to refuse you the sale of condoms.

Where can you get condoms from?

Any drugstore! Sometmes even at a grocery store. online store is a good place for getting condoms

Was any part of the Apollo 11 reusable?

Yes it was the command module.

Are there any reuseable spacecraft?

The Space Shuttle is pretty much reusable. The orbiter is, and the Solid Rocket Boosters were designed to be salvaged and remanufactured, although I'm not sure that any SRBs have ever flown again. The SpaceShipOne rocket technically reached space, (but not orbit) and is completely reusable, and SpaceShipTwo will be completely reusable.

Are there any moist cat foods on the market?

There are lots of 'moist' cat foods available, any supermarket will have a selection in tins or sachets.

What is the legal age to buy condoms in Alabama?

There is not one, kids of any age can purchase condoms is drugstores, pharmacies, etc.

Were to buy condoms?

You can buy a condom at any pharmacy.