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"Body Language" is not necessarily as easy to read as some would have you believe. There are books on the subject and it might be a good idea for you to read one or two to see what certain actions actually mean. Understand, however, that just because the book says that a certain action means something doesn't necessarily make it so. Maybe that person didn't read the same book, and maybe they just had an itch when they touched their hair.

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How can you tell if a girl fancies you?

usually she curls her hair with her finger while talking to you she looks directly into your eyes

Can a teacher keep touching your hair?

No not realy

What does it mean to dream of touching the hair of a dead person?

It has been common knowledge for years that the hair of a dead person will continue to grow for some time after death. So this dream suggests that the influence of this person will continue to "touch" your life even though they have passed away.

How do you flirt with your teacher?

Same way as with anyone else mirror there body language, look for signs touching there hair, joke with them lots if eye contact. If that doesn't work try rohypnol!

What are the signs of someone having a crush on you?

well im a girl and i like somebody hes in my class and if the signs are : touching there hair or anywhere always talking to u he or she smiles at u a lot and always doing stuff with u and if im wrong im sorry

What phobia is the fear of people touching hair?


How would you know somebody likes you?

Common Signs:Blushing, Playing with their hair, touching their face, crossing legs pointed toward you.Generally you should be able to pick it up from their body language.

If a guy kisses a girl's hair?

Depends who the guy is. If hes a boyfriend hes just playing. If its a friend then he probably fancies you.

What does Ashley keep touching her hair?

becasue she doesn't have a life

Do girls like boys touching their hair?

That's a definite no.

What are the signs of chlamydia on your hair?

Chlamydia does not affect or change the appearance of your hair.

How do you know when a guy has a crush on you?

TO tell if a guy fancies u they will usually cut all ur hair off in the night and smell it

Aluminum foil to highlight hair?

Hair stylists seerate the hair to highlight it and use aluminum foil to keep the color from touching hair that shouldn't be highlighted

What are signs that a person smokes?

Their hair and clothes may smell like smoke, their teeth may appear yellow, they may have a dry cough.

How do you get people to stop touching your hair?

tell them youve got knits

Do you have to do an allergy test if hair dye isn't touching your roots?

no you dont

How can earthworms feel what they are touching?

they have little hair on their face hope that helps :)

What are signs of human rabies?

hair on head

What are not signs of anorexia nervosa?

Loss of hair

Why is it important to avoid touching your face hair nose mouth chewing gun or smoking when working with food?

It is very unhygienic touching your face, hair, nose, mouth, chewing gum, or smoking when working with food.

Could a person with curly hair and a person with straight hair both be homozygous for the hair type trait?

A person with curly hair and a person with straight hair can both be homozygous for the hair type trait. Wavy hair is a heterozygous dominant trait.

What are signs that you are starting your period?

the signs are -pubic hair -discharge -armpit hair -mood swings -acne -less sleep(insomnia) Hope tht helped ( :

What are signs to show that a girl likes you?

The signs are the nodding, the body language, how she talks to you, and how she messes with hair.

What are first signs of penis growth?

Pubic hair.

What are signs of puberty in a girl?

Some signs are you are growing boobs, growing hair on your vagina, armpit hair, you might get taller, have a fast growth spurt, and receiving your period.