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Are there any sports schools in the UK that take young talented children?


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2015-07-14 16:03:40
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planning to go to the UK huh?you may want to join the biggest and the greatest club in the history of football - Manchester Unitedyes, I'm a Man. United fan but the fact is, they got the best youth programme in the UK, you gotta admit it.


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a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

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Training young children for sports not in an over-competitive way but a strong competitive way builds character that they can teach their children when they grow up.

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Most schools are open on Wednesday mornings (there is no Wednesday break from junior high school and up). It is considered good for young children to have a break during their week. Wednesday is the day when children can play sports, and when part-time working mothers stay home.

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of course because if you dont have a sports team kids will get fat like a person i know(:yes because elementary probably wanna learn how to do sports that wouldn't be fair if only middle and high school gets sports no fairYES! I think sports are a great way to get young children active, and I most definently think that sports teams would be excellent in elementary schools, so kids can get ready for school sports in middle and high school.

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The most popular sports in Japan when I was young, was basketball and soccer. I used to live there and I played for Nagasaki in both sports :)

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