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planning to go to the UK huh?you may want to join the biggest and the greatest club in the history of football - Manchester Unitedyes, I'm a Man. United fan but the fact is, they got the best youth programme in the UK, you gotta admit it.

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Q: Are there any sports schools in the UK that take young talented children?
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What is a young sports leader?

a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

In general, training young children for sports results in?

Training young children for sports not in an over-competitive way but a strong competitive way builds character that they can teach their children when they grow up.

Why french schools are shut on Wednesday's?

Most schools are open on Wednesday mornings (there is no Wednesday break from junior high school and up). It is considered good for young children to have a break during their week. Wednesday is the day when children can play sports, and when part-time working mothers stay home.

Should elementary schools have sports teams?

of course because if you dont have a sports team kids will get fat like a person i know(:yes because elementary probably wanna learn how to do sports that wouldn't be fair if only middle and high school gets sports no fairYES! I think sports are a great way to get young children active, and I most definently think that sports teams would be excellent in elementary schools, so kids can get ready for school sports in middle and high school.

What are the popular sports for children in japan?

The most popular sports in Japan when I was young, was basketball and soccer. I used to live there and I played for Nagasaki in both sports :)

What can you do to promote sports talent in India?

there must be good activities in schools and colleges..... uyou never know about the young talent! they can rise India's talent in sports!!

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Are sports stars good role models to young people?

Of course, sports stars also inspire young children. Sports stars can inspire children to grow up wanting to be like them. But Sports stars are mainly a good role model because sport stars show to persevere, keep determined they show courage. Young people reflect on this and thats how they become good role models.

Do children get better at playing sports if they start at a young age?

yes practice makes perfect

What is a word that describe school that begins with y?

Schools can be described as youthful. They are full of young enthusiastic children.

Are aquaponics good use for primary schools?

Yes, aquaponics are a great learning experience for young children.

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Blacks are very talented there is no doubt about it. So their main hobbies are music in all forms as well as singing and the other thing they are good is sports.

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What are the benefits of early childhood schools?

Early childhood schools can help children become literate and get the young kids use to learning in school. They can also have a positive influence from their teachers.

Definition of Dame Schools?

An early form of private school in the Colonial times. It was a school for young children and was run by women.

Are there cooking schools for children in the Pittsburgh Area?

There is a Young Chefs Academy in Pittsburgh, the phone number is: 610-376-3634

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Very few schools will have AED machines. Generally speaking, the shockable rhythms (V-fib, V-tach) for the AED is more prevalent in adults as compared to young people / children in schools.

What is the youngest age that private boarding schools in England will accept?

The youngest age for private boarding school in England is the 7th grade, where will accept a child in their classes. It would appear that most boarding schools accept children as young as four years of age. However, there are a few that will take children as young as three years old.

What are some good fitness sports for young children?

There are many good fitness sports available in every community. Many children enjoy playing in team sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball or softball. These types of sports can be played at any age or fitness level. Other children may prefer playing certain sports alone or in small groups or classes. Figure skating, gymnastics, swimming/diving, or track and field would be great activities for children that like to do things by themselves.