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Yes, there are some recipes for vegan coleslaw without any mayonnaise or any other egg and milk product. You can find one of them here, glutefreegoddess .

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Q: Are there any vegan coleslaw recipes ?
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What is a good recipe for coleslaw dressing?

There are lots of really good recipes online for coleslaw dressing.A couple of really good recipes are available on

What ingredients are not used in vegan recipes?

In a vegan recipes there cannot be any meat, but there can also be no animal products. A commonly missed item would be gelatin and cannot be included in these recipes.

What are some recipes for vegan nachos?

For vegan nacho recipes, click on the links below -

Where to find coleslaw recipes?

Coleslaw recipes can be found at Food Network, Simply Recipes, Taste of Home, Smitten Kitchen, My Recipes, Eating Well, Meal Ideas, Side Dish Plus and Southern Food.

What are some good quick vegan recipes?

Good vegan recipes can be found at your local bookstore and often times in your local grocery store. Any recipe using beans and rice can be whipped into a quick vegan meal!

What websites feature vegan food recipes?

There are vegan specific websites like Well Vegan and The Vegan society that have recipes available. Also many regular food sites such as All Recipes and Food Network have vegan friendly recipe sections.

What are some vegetable raw vegan recipes?

There are some raw vegan vegetable recipes in the link below -

What are some recipes for vegan beef jerky?

For some vegan jerky recipes, click on the links below -

What are some vegan barbecue recipes?

Vegan barbecue recipes can be found under Related links, below -

What is a 'vegan vegetarian'?

A vegan vegetarian, or vegan for short, does not eat any animal product. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, fish, honey, or any foods that contain those products in their recipes.

Are there any quick vegan recipes that mainly use tofu?

There are several quick vegan recipes that mainly use tofu. One of the recipes you can make is tofu patties, easy tofu ravioli, spicy tofu spinach quiche, and lemon pepper baked tofu. There are many vegan recipe sites to choose from or you can purchase books on vegan cooking.

Is yeast extract vegan?

Extacts are vegan. Many vegan baking recipes call for extract.

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