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Vegan recipes can be found in many different places. There are specifically vegan cookbooks that are widely available, as well as online resources and websites that can provide vegan recipes. Any recipe can be made vegan by swapping certain ingredients with replacement ingredients that are vegan, too.

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Check out my channel on YouTube called Wouldn't Know It's Vegan. I share the secrets I discovered in an easy-to-follow format to allow other fellow vegans to create incredible dishes to enjoy.

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Q: Where can you find vegan recipes?
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Where can I find vegan tofu recipes? is a good website to find vegan recipes. They even have videos to watch to learn how to use those recipes. If you run out of ideas, never fails.

Where can a person find easy vegan recipes?

There are lots of easy vegan recipes available and the Vegan Society is an excellent place to start. It is also worth consulting ordinary cookery books as many vegetarian recipes can be adapted for vegans.

Where can vegan crock pot chili recipes be found?

There are a number of websites that carry recipes for vegan crock pot chili. One can find such recipes on 'allrecipes', 'The Lazy Vegetarian' and 'Food Network'.

What are some recipes for vegan nachos?

For vegan nacho recipes, click on the links below -

What websites feature vegan food recipes?

There are vegan specific websites like Well Vegan and The Vegan society that have recipes available. Also many regular food sites such as All Recipes and Food Network have vegan friendly recipe sections.

Are there any vegan coleslaw recipes ?

Yes, there are some recipes for vegan coleslaw without any mayonnaise or any other egg and milk product. You can find one of them here, glutefreegoddess .

What are some vegetable raw vegan recipes?

There are some raw vegan vegetable recipes in the link below -

What are some recipes for vegan beef jerky?

For some vegan jerky recipes, click on the links below -

What are some vegan barbecue recipes?

Vegan barbecue recipes can be found under Related links, below -

How can I find good vegan recipes?

Vegan recipes can be found online at the Eating Well and the 101 Cookbooks website. Many vegan recipes such as mushrooms and tofu, and vegan chili can be found.

How can I find vegan recipes?

You can simply search the internet or go to a local library to find vegan recipes. Since it sounds like your new to Vegan eating here are some places to start that offer some great easy to make vegan recipes. All recipes dot com and eating well dot com.

Where can one find vegan recipes that taste great and are easy to prepare?

One can find many tasty vegan recipes online. One site that one would find most useful is web ecoist. On this site they offer 20 delicious vegan recipes. One can also find recipes in a recipe book which can be purchased from book stores or lent from libraries.

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