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Are there any virus risks for the online game Runescape by Jagex?


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No. However, there are other sites that are disguised to look like the RuneScape website. They can try to infect you.

Usually you get links, just make sure if it Says "Click Here" or something like that to do with runescape, make sure you look at the bottom right of the screen - it will show where the link reads, if it don't lead to (without spelling mistakes) then it's an attack site. in other words be on the lookout for spelling mistakes in the link.

Java may have an effect as well.


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There is no Runescape 3, unless it's a virus, either way Jagex the creators of Runescape didn't create it that's for sure.

No Runescape is run by a very large company called Jagex. they would not risk their reputation as a company o give you a virus. They are like

That is definitely one of the risks. Since autotypers and bots are forbidden by RuneScape and are in general unethical, the sites that offer these programs are not very trustworthy. Jagex - the company that makes RuneScape - claims that it has analyzed some of the bot programs and that most of them will somehow infect your computer.

NO! Runescape is a game from Jagex which has had sponsors from lots of safety companies for e.g. CEOP, Internet watch foundation and also report watch.

Hackscape is a private server created by a random player of Runescape ( you can't trust in case of viruses ).Runescape is Created by Jagex and is official, meaning its completely safe to use 100% virus free.

No, over a million other players have played runescape and no-one has received a virus, the only way yo get one is if you download a bot for it, which is against the runescape rules anyways and you get bots off sites. If Jagex the creators of Runescape catch you with a bot you will most likely have your account locked to prevent further use of it.

No, the official Runescape client is not a virus.

You can not get a computer virus from RuneScape, impossible.Since you are not downloading anything, there is no way to get a virus. The only thing you are using is the Java Applet, and if you want to get technical, your keyboard, mouse, and hands.

No, Runescape has never had a virus and with their security probably never will.

No, most are fake and will infect your computer with a virus even by just visiting the website. The ones that do work can get you banned indefinitely especially with Jagex cracking down on bots.

Macroing is another word for cheating, using automated bots to train accounts up, or earn you money, this can sometimes contain a virus that will steal your runescape password. Jagex constantly updates their server to pick these up and if you get caught with one say good bye to your account.

I really doubt that it could happen, but if your computer was already infected with a virus, simply typing in any information could get logged and potentially stolen.

As far as I know there is no Runescape virus, my best bet is you went on a fake website claiming they were the real thing. I've never Received a virus from Runescape and I've played for 5+ years now.Note: There is no Runescape 3, and all claims of a Runescape 3 are false, if a Runescape 3 is ever released you can see the true information on Runescapes official homepage (Below in the Related Links Section) this is also the genuine website for Runescape.

Yes. RuneScape is virus free but its a total waste of time so dont play it. i kno a runescape extremist. he's so stupid and he only ever talks bout it. he gets so annoying.

No. But if your downloading a "hack" or "bot" for runescape it will probably end up hacking your runescape account.

There are a few risks when downloading movies online, the main problem being that it is illegal in most circumstances and one could be penalized for it. Another risk could be getting a virus on one's machine, unless it is a Mac.

There isn't no cheats that you may enter on runescape to receive a new item or GP But you can CHEAT on runescape by using something called a BOT or a AUTOER, this means that you use a program which will run tasks for you while you are away form you're PC or you can not be bothered to physically play. Bots are against the rules in runescape2 under "Rule 7 - Macroing" and is a bannable offence. Jagex the creators of runescape have been cutting back on "Botters" for the last 2 years heavily by adjusting and updating runescape. Macroing on runescape2 in present day can result in an instant ban. More recently, Jagex has started "rolling back" levels if they suspect a player of botting. This will mean Jagex will lower the level of the skill they suspect you are botting. Be aware as most bots will either steal your account (sometimes not immediately, but until you have a character with high levels and wealth.), keylog your computer (keeps track of all your passwords and usernames and sends them back to the creator), download a virus, or doesn't work. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Run an online virus scan like * Trend Micro HouseCall * Kaspersky free online virus scanner * Windows Live OneCare safety scanner * BitDefender Online Scanner * ESET Online Antivirus Scanner * F-Secure Online Virus Scanner * avast! Online Scanner

The risks of phishing include getting a virus on your computer or phone. You can also be fined very heavily if caught phishing.

Online Virus Scans are unnecessary and unsafe! An online Virus Scan is giving an outside company access to your personal data, which is likely a virus itself! Please only download and install Virus Protection Software from a reputable company!

No it does not. Nobody ever has got a virus from runescape.

Woozworld is not a virus, it's an online game.

RuneScape doesn't give you any viruses; but it does install cache memory onto your computer to make it (RuneScape) run faster. This may slow down your computer's overall performance, since it takes up RAM and space.It is a browser based game and to get a virus you need to download the particular file, and you do not need to download anything for runescape (unless it's Java which you need to play it).Though you can download runescape client (optional have to do it manually) someone could put a virus on that other then that not possible. EDIT: to answer the question straight forward: no. I've checked with norton safe websites and its fine. no viruses, nothing.There are no viruses on Runescape. I have played for 5-6 years and i have gotten nothing. only viruses you can get is if you try to cheat by downloading an auto client or something. and something else you can consider a virus is being addicted to runescape :) and makeing runescape your life.

I would suggest you contact a certified technician online who can help you out in removing virus from your is best online virus removal service.

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