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Yoga is a good exercise program for strengthening and toning the body and as such would help to lose belly fat. Any good gym will be able to help you choose good exercises for losing belly fat. Keep in mind that you also will need to control your diet for optimum results.

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Q: Are there any yoga exercises to lose the belly fat ?
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Can you lose belly fat by yoga?

yoga is just stretching, really. If you want to lose fat, you'll want to do cardio exercises (ANY cardio exercise)

What exercises can I do at home to lose belly fat?

There are countless exercise programs that claim to get rid of baby weight. One fo the best though would be to engage in any form of yoga.

Are there any exercises that can be done to target belly fat?

There are many great exercises that can be done to target your belly fat. Some simple exercises you can do are abdominal crunches, sit ups, and squats.

I know you can eat healthy and do exercise but what exercises are there and how long until they work?

You should exercise early in the morning.You can enquire about any yoga classes in your area. Exercises have permanent cure. Yoga is the best exercise you can do. Regular exercises work very well. Try your best to find yoga classes. This is very very useful. Good luck. a

Can I do yoga on my period?

Physical Yoga (Asana's or Postures) can be avoided. Meditation and Pranayamam (breathing) Exercises can be done at any time (based on relevant experience of the practitioner)

What is the one most effective yoga positions?

Yoga is the answer to your way of life troubles. A yoga dvd is a fantastic addition to your way of life. Any yoga position can help you to lose weight.

Are there any local health centers which can help me to lose belly fat?

Seeing a nutritionist could help you figure out the best diet and exercise plan for you. You may be eating the wrong foods or doing the wrong exercises. Going to a local gym and talking to a personal trainer could also help you lose belly fat.

How do you lose leg fat My upper and legs are pretty toned but I'd like to lose as much of the remaining leg fat as possible without gaining any more muscles. Inner thigh hamstrings calf?

Stretching and exercises like yoga or pilates should help.

What is the difference between yoga and prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is just like any other type of yoga, except that all the participants are pregnant women. Community is a large part of prenatal yoga; the exercises are created to address the special needs of pregnant women, and the class is more relaxing.

Are there any diets to strictly lose belly fat?

There are no diets that can specifically target belly fat, however, belly fat is the first type of fat to be lost on any diet because of its metabolic properties.

Are there any exercises to relieve sciatic nerve pain?

Exercises that can relieve sciatic nerve pain include gentle lunges or squatting, stretching, push ups, knee curls, yoga, pilates and curl ups. Your doctor can recommend exercises specific to you.

Where can one practice Plantar Fasciitis exercises without getting hurt?

In my opinion one of the best exercises you could do to help relieve the pain of this condition is simple, gentle yoga. This is a type of exercise that you can do at any gym where there are plenty of professionals there to aid you, but you can also do these exercises at home without any stress.

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