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Are there earthquakes in Kansas?


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yes there are earthquakes in Kansas.

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The Natural disasters in Kansas Are- earthquakes and tornadoes

Mountains are not required for an earthquake to occur. Recently, in flat areas such as Kansas and Oklahoma, earthquakes have been on the rise.

not really in some place's as Kansas city Missouri) there is a lot of crime but on the other hand some places in Kansas is a safe and peaceful place to live (such as Lawrence) Kansas is 1 of the safest place to live (no earthquakes but some tornado's)

There are are a great number of very small earthquakes in Oklahoma. In the past 30 days, there have been 162 earthquakes in the northern Oklahoma/southern Kansas region with an average magnitude of about 2.9 and a maximum magnitude of 4.5. These may be related to hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas.

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No. Volcanoes can cause earthquakes, but they are not caused by earthquakes. Both volcanoes and earthquakes are commonly found at plate boundaries

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Major Earthquakes are Caused By Underground earthquakes and Underground volcanoes

No. Earthquakes can occur well away from plate boundaries . Such earthquakes are called intraplate earthquakes.

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The most largest earthquakes are in Japan, there are earthquakes there everyday, mostly there are small earthquakes.

Mo, they are known as earthquakes but the earthquakes cause the tsunamis.

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