How earthquakes are meassured?


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How earthquakes are meassured

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The vertical axis measures signal strength. Normally in volts.

Water vapor in the air is practically the same as measuring the humidity that is in the air.

Earthquakes are more dangerous.

small earthquakes and big earthquakes and mideum earthquakes

Distance is not meassured in degrees.The angle north or south of the equator is called the "latitude" of the location.

its the amount of energy transferred from species in on particular trophic level to thr next trophic level. its meassured in grams per metre squared

The study of earthquakes is seismotology . A person who studies earthquakes is a seismotologist .

Latitude and longitude are angles, so any unit of angle measure works.The one most commonly used is degrees and subdivisions of degrees.

no belize does not have earthquakes

No. Volcanoes can cause earthquakes, but they are not caused by earthquakes. Both volcanoes and earthquakes are commonly found at plate boundaries

All about earthquakes is everything you need to know about earthquakes, googl it you dodo

Major Earthquakes are Caused By Underground earthquakes and Underground volcanoes

No. Earthquakes can occur well away from plate boundaries . Such earthquakes are called intraplate earthquakes.

yes earthquakes are predictable

Yes, earthquakes are geological.

Earthquakes cannot be controlled.

yes there are earthquakes in Kansas.

no you idiot!! EARTHquakes

We have no responsibilities towards earthquakes

Earthquakes can happen anywhere.

Most earthquakes have no precursors.

Waves dont create earthquakes, earthquakes create waves

The most largest earthquakes are in Japan, there are earthquakes there everyday, mostly there are small earthquakes.

Mo, they are known as earthquakes but the earthquakes cause the tsunamis.

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