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There are grants specifically for research and development, so it would be my guess that there would also be grants available for starting specific research and development companies. Visit the Program online at for more information.

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Q: Are there grants available to start research and development companies?
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Where does one find grants for small businesses?

Grants for small business are available at a local level through corporations and foundations. Most grants at the federal level are primarily for research and development.

Is science a politically neutral endeavor?

Science should be a politically neutral endeavor. The reality is that scientists compete with each other for financial grants to enable their research and much of science research and development is sponsored by companies with their own financial agenda.

What small business grants are available to Non-profit companies?

Grants for business development are offered by some states, but not by the federal government. This site gives a nice overview and provides links to several resources:

What grants are available in the state of Alabama for home repair?

The grants available in the state of Alabama for home repair include HUD, Predatory lending, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and much more.

What small business grants are available?

There are thousands of grants available in this world to help you start your small business. Going through the government, especially, you can receive grants for small improvements to the economy, the o-zone or government programs. There are other companies that will offer smaller grants- even as low as 100$, you just have to investigate.

are there grants available to pay your bills?

Are there grants available to pay your bills

are grants available for home repairs?

are grants available for home repairs

What college scholarships and grants are available to help pay tuition?

Depending upon which state you live in, you may be eligible for several grants. Grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid. Many local companies will offer scholarships in their communities. There are also several websites that help you find available scholarships.

Where can one find information about grants available from SARE the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education organization?

The Sustainable Agriculture Reserach and Education (SARE) website has an entire section devoted to the grants which are available and gives information on how to apply for them.

What grants are available for me?

There are different kinds of grants. Available grants means the eligibility of each person for different grants. There is need-based grans, merit-based grants, talent-based grants and Project-based grants.

Can pharmaceutical companies give research grants to doctors and hospitals?

Yes, but with the new laws and regulations the scope is severely limited.

What are some grants available for single mothers?

There are various grants available for single mothers such as education grants, business grants and housing grants. Some of the grants available for education are Federal Pell Grants and the Soroptimist International of Americas grant. One can find additional information about these various grants on the Single Mommie website.

what type of government grants are available to homeowners?

what federal grants are available to homeowners

Are grants available for writers?

There are all types of grants available for all types of reasons. It will require a lot of research and due diligence on your part to find specific grant for writers.. Speak to your college journalism and English departments for advice and help,

Are grants available for home energy effiency?

Are grants available for home energy effiency?

What Pell grants are available for single mothers?

Yes there are Pell grants available for single mothers. There are also other grants and scholarship available to for single mothers as well.

Are there any federal grants available to help me develop my entrepreneurial ideas?

Yes there are some federal grants availible to help develop new ideas. You need to decide what sort of idea/business you are interested in then research what sort of grants are availible.

Are nonprofit grants only available to nonprofit groups?

To the best of my knowledge, nonprofit grants are availble only to non profit groups. If it is a private or for profit buisness, then grants may be available only when a part of the icome is used for either charity purpose or in some cases research and developement that has a non profit motive.

How can an international student secure grants for this MS research?

Often, grants are for United States citizens only. Sometimes, large research universities have grants for external scholarships but if that does not work out, it is best to get grants from your home country.

Are governments grants available to go back to school?

Are governments grants available to go back to school?

What are the most available government grants for homes?

The most common grants available today for homes are Mortgage Relief grants as well as home improvement grants. Anyone is able to apply for such grants pending proof of eligibility requirements.

Where can you get grants for school if you have a low GPA?

There are some grants available for school that do not have a correlation with your GPA. Try asking your financial aid department at school which grants are available and best for you.

Are grants available for academic achievement?

Many grants are available for achievement in academics. If you had any outstanding academic achievements in high school, you can apply for a number of grants and scholarships.

What grants for college is available for Illinois residence?

There are a number of grants available in Illinois. Contact your college of choice to get a list of the grants offered and to find out who would qualify for which grant.

A science grant available to college juniors or seniors is the?

smart grant apex

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