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Since the internet it's the newest way of cheating out in this modern world. I have to laugh, because actually, if your mate is paying attention it's far easier to catch someone cheating on you now, then it was back in the old generation. The way you poised your question it sounds like you may be thinking of cheating and if you are are ... don't! If you don't love someone or feel you aren't treated well then one should have the guts to walk out of the relationship and continue on with life. Cheating is cheap and a chicken way out of life. There are no excuses! If you were just asking that's another thing entirely, but usually people don't ask such a question without a reason. If you feel your mate is cheating then check the computer first. People can get on chat boards, etc., and strike up relationships and before you know it, bang! They are basically flirting with someone else and it's still cheating even though it's unlikely they are having physical contact (sometimes that does happen if the other person lives close enough.) Look at incoming mail, deleted mail, and desktop (on the front of your monitor) for chat boards. Many people have found their mates cheating on the computer through porn or on chat boards. Marcy

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Q: Are there new ways to cheat in this new generation?
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